Earthing studies, combined with the experiences of thousands of individuals who have tried grounding, consistently demonstrate a reduction in pain. This reduction in pain provides evidence that inflammation may be reduced as well, indicating other potential health benefits. While further research is needed to confirm these findings, the studies offer promising results.



The research paper explores the positive effects of grounding (electrically conductive contact with the Earth) on human physiology and health, particularly inflammation, immune response, wound healing, and chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The paper emphasises the importance of the duration and degree of grounding.

The paper concludes that grounding produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response, and positively affects pain reduction and immune response in muscle injury.

The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases


Discover the Anti-Inflammatory Antidote: Grounding. Uncover one of the greatest kept secrets in health and aliveness. Learn how grounding can prevent inflammatory illnesses and have an incredible impact on your health. With scientific validation and real-life testimonials, experience the dramatic healing power of the Earth on the human body. 

Grounding - The universal anti-inflammatory remedy

Discover the benefits of Earthing (grounding) - better sleep, reduced inflammation, pain and stress, and improved blood flow. A study found that just one hour of contact with the Earth can significantly improve blood circulation, promoting autonomic nervous system control and enhancing facial tissue repair and skin health. Try Earthing for yourself and optimize your appearance from the inside out. 

One-Hour Contact with the Earth’s Surface (Grounding) Improves Inflammation and Blood Flow—A Randomized, Double-Blind, Pilot Study

This study investigated the effectiveness of grounding, or direct contact with the Earth, as a non-pharmacological therapy for treating sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease. The results showed that grounding significantly improved sleep quality compared to the placebo group. 

Grounding the Body Improves Sleep Quality in Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Pilot Study

Grounded sleeping helps with recovery by maintaining constant hemoconcentration and reducing muscle damage inflammation markers.

Effectiveness of Grounded Sleeping on Recovery After Intensive Eccentric Muscle Loading

The study found that grounding had consistent beneficial effects on pain, physical function, and mood, which are highly relevant to massage therapists. Previous results from the same trial also showed improvements in inflammatory biomarkers, blood viscosity, and heart rate variability, suggesting that grounding can benefit massage therapists in multiple domains relevant to their occupation and overall health and quality of life. 

The Effects of Grounding (Earthing) on Bodyworkers’ Pain and Overall Quality of Life: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The study investigated the effects of grounding on high blood pressure in a pilot case history series. Patients grounded themselves at home for at least 10 hours per day for several months, and their blood pressure was measured at baseline and at regular intervals. Results showed significant improvements in all 10 patients, with an average decrease of 14.3% in systolic levels. The study suggests that grounding is a safe and effective therapy for reducing blood pressure and warrants further research. 

Grounding Patients with Hypertension Improves Blood Pressure: A Case History Series Study 2018

This study aimed to investigate whether grounding in the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) found in a typical housing environment produces harmful currents in the human body. Fifty participants were involved in the study, and the results showed that grounding significantly reduced AC body voltage, and the AC currents generated during grounding were much lower than the minimum level of perception. Therefore, the study concluded that normal levels of EMFs present in houses do not produce harmful currents when a person is grounded. 

Effects of Grounding on Body Voltage and Current in the Presence of Electromagnetic Fields

Study examined the effect of 1 hour of grounding on blood viscosity during yoga exercises in 28 participants. Subjects were grounded or sham-grounded with a grounded yoga mat, and blood was taken pre and post-exercise to measure viscosity. Subjects grounded to the earth had significantly reduced post-exercise systolic and diastolic blood viscosity. The study suggests that grounding has the ability to affect exercise-induced inflammation, thereby reducing blood viscosity.

Grounding the Human Body during Yoga Exercise with a Grounded Yoga Mat Reduces Blood Viscosity

This study investigated the effects of grounding after moderate eccentric contractions on pain, creatine kinase (CK), and complete blood counts. Results showed that grounding significantly reduced CK loss from injured muscles, indicating reduced muscle damage. Grounding also produced changes in blood counts not observed in the sham-grounded group, warranting further study on the effects of earthing on delayed onset muscle damage. 

Grounding after moderate eccentric contractions reduces muscle damage


The study investigated the effect of direct barefoot contact with the Earth on prehypertension. 53 prehypertensive individuals were randomly assigned to a study group and a control group. The study group showed a significant decrease in blood pressure after an hour of barefoot contact, while the control group did not. The study suggests that barefoot contact with the Earth can be a cost-effective and simple method for preventing hypertension.

An experimental Study on immediate effect of direct barefoot contact with earth on prehypertension


The study investigated the effect of earthing on facial blood flow by grounding or non-grounding 40 subjects for at least one hour. Grounded subjects showed improved facial blood flow regulation compared to non-grounded subjects, suggesting possible benefits for skin tissue repair and facial appearance. The study suggests that the Earth may have a novel influence on skin health and

Grounding the Human Body Improves Facial Blood Flow Regulation: Results of a Randomized, Placebo Controlled Pilot Study


Study evaluated the effects of earthing (direct contact with earth or a metal conductor) during cycling on biochemical parameters in 42 participants in a double-blind, crossover study. Blood samples were taken before and after cycling with or without earthing. Participants with earthing had significantly lower blood urea levels during exercise and recovery, indicating a possible positive protein balance. Earthing during exercise may inhibit hepatic protein catabolism or increase renal urea excretion. 

Differences in Blood Urea and Creatinine Concentrations in Earthed and Unearthed Subjects during Cycling Exercise and Recovery


This study examined the effects of grounding (physical contact with the earth's surface) on the electrical charge of red blood cells (RBCs) and RBC clumping. Ten healthy adult subjects were grounded with conductive patches on the soles of their feet and palms of their hands for 2 hours. The results showed that grounding increased the surface charge on RBCs and significantly reduced RBC aggregation. This suggests that grounding may be a simple and effective intervention for reducing cardiovascular risk and events by reducing blood viscosity and clumping. 

Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity—a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease


The article explores the effect of the Earth's electric potential on the human body. Measurements were taken of the electric potential on various points of the body in both earthed and unearthed conditions. Contact with the Earth causes a rapid decrease in electrostatic potential on the body and in venous blood, and movement of the body causes transient changes in potential. The results suggest that the Earth's electromagnetohydrodynamic potential may play a role in regulating bioelectrical and bioenergetical processes.

Earthing the Human Organism Influences Bioelectrical Processes


This study looked at the effects of grounding, or earthing, on heart rate variability (HRV). Grounding is a natural bioelectric potential that can support physiological changes in the body. The study found that grounding techniques improved HRV beyond basic relaxation in 27 participants. This suggests that grounding can be used as a basic strategy to support the cardiovascular system, especially in situations where the sympathetic nervous system is more activated than the parasympathetic nervous system.

Emotional Stress, Heart Rate Variability, Grounding, and Improved Autonomic Tone: Clinical Applications


This study examined the effects of grounding the human body with a copper conductor on physiologic processes. The study found that earthing during night rest caused reductions in serum concentrations of iron, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as affecting thyroid function and blood glucose levels. Earthing also influenced sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, protein, and albumin concentrations. The study concludes that earthing influences physiologic processes and may regulate endocrine and nervous systems.

Earthing the Human Body Influences Physiologic Processes

The article proposes a hypothesis that chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of all chronic diseases and that various environmental stresses, including those that disturb physiology and those whose absence is disruptive, contribute to chronic inflammation. Earthing may potentially help by reducing these stresses and promoting overall health and well-being.

Chronic Disease: Are We Missing Something?



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easy to use

Assembly was easy , connect to port of pillow and out the window

Shungite Phine Plate sticker

Could feel the power of this as soon as I applied sticker to phone.


Love it! Haven't taken it off since I got it :)

I am unable to walk around with the product around my knee. It is simply too large for my knee and although there is an adjustment on the wrap, it is still too large for me. I am petite, so this may not be an issue with others. However, in saying this, I do sit with the wrap around my knee while watching television etc. Yes, I do believe it is actually helping…which has pleasantly surprised me!

Earthing pillow slip

I love my earthing pillow slip and do think it has helped my sinus. They feel clear since I've had my pillow slip.

EMF hat

I wore this hat to bed last night, pulled down over my eyes and wow i will not be sleeping without it going forward. I am sensitive to EMF and could feel this working and blocking. I woke up for the first time in ages with a clear head. I had wondered if it blocked the experimental 5g as my meter will not even read this, but YES I am convinced it does block it... thanks heaps to a great product

this really works

Myself and my partner had both had our credit card details stolen in the last 3 months. we figured it must have been from some one scanning our cards so we got this tape to give it a go and see if it would protect our cards from being able to be scanned. I made a little envelope out of the tape and tried to use pay wave with my card in side it. Wouldn't work at all not even touching the machine. Took my card out of the envelope went through straight away. We have now lined our wallets.

So helpful

I emailed the company for guidance on which products to buy and got back a detailed email with my options. I was impressed that one of the options they gave me was to sew something myself. I think I’d still be confused and wouldn’t have bought anything without their help. Now I’m set up with shields for my modem, phone and laptop. I don’t have a meter to take readings but I feel good about having taken these measures.

My mat

Since getting my grounding mat I am definitely sleeping longer.
Getting used to it being slippery under my sheet to Getting used to

TM-190 EMF reader

I found the tester very easy to use and understand. It’s been a huge help in understanding where hotspots are in the house and I have done trials on the way to work and it’s surprising how many times the alarm sounds. Very worthwhile purchase to keep your family safe.Thank you Grounded Kiwi crew professional and prompt as always 😁

Earthing mat

I’m definitely getting a more restful sleep. I have sleep apnea also but I am feeling the benefits of being able to ‘rest’ better. Thank you

Tinnitus- Shungite Phone Sticker

I sleep with my phone close to me to be on call for work. i had started to get quite an exacerbation of my normal low level tinnitus at night. Since adding the Shungite sticker to my phone, my tinnitus has reverted to what was its previously usual level. Very happy not yo be listening to "wee ooooh" all night inside my head.

Best thing ever (post concussion healing accelerator))

Have used for 2 weeks now. Has made a big difference to inflammation in my body with consistent deep sleeps and proper grounding to earth's healing energies. 10/10 can recommend for everybody. Many illnesses are caused by inflammation, so getting plenty of time grounded can be crucial for optimal health.

Earth socket tester

This tester is very reliable to check if sockets have earthing connection.

Love the pendent necklace

I brought myself another pendent necklace else I don't feel grounded without it and I also brought one for my mother and she feels the same" her pendent is different to mine and is stunning she likes to show her on off" to people that are closest to I'm the same. Plus its great knowing I'm in the same town and can pick it up with getting in contact is quick and service is great

Replacement:Elite Shungite pendant

Highly recommend, excellent communication, customer service and fast delivery..AAAAAAAA+++++++++ ✨️💗✨️
Trusted site to buy from and definitely will buy more, Thank you Blake and GroundedKiwi! 🫶💥

I was so excited to receive my shungite pendant, but it broke off after putting it back on after my shower. I was so gutted, Because when I got my piece I could feel it working straight away with neutralizing the pain I was going through, I messaged GroundedKiwi. I got a message back from Blake who said they will send me a replacement. Thank you so much, for awesome honest, friendly, customer service, and this replacement piece is soo beautiful the photo doesn't do it justice, to show the rainbow colors on the sides of it. Yes and it's over 10g 😊 👍💯💛

Replacement: Elite Shungite

Highly recommend, excellent communication, customer service and fast delivery..AAAAAAAA+++++++++ ✨️💗✨️
Trusted site to buy from and definitely will buy more, Thank you Blake and GroundedKiwi!

I was so excited to receive my shungite pendant, but it broke off after putting it back on after my shower. I was so gutted, Because when I got my piece I could feel it working straight away with neutralizing the pain I was going through, I messaged GroundedKiwi. I got a message back from Blake who said they will send me a replacement. Thank you so much, for awesome honest, friendly, customer service, and this replacement piece is soo beautiful the photo doesn't do it justice, to show the rainbow colors on the sides of it. Yes and it's over 10g 😊 Thank u for picking a beautiful piece for me.💥👌


As far as I can tell I am sleeping better... and have less aches in my muscles...
Having played a lot of hard sports and heading into my 50's the morning routine was becoming more and more painful. Now I've dropped the sugar from my diet and bought a grounding bedsheet and I am waking up with no pain... Thanks guys. I believe it is working!

EMF beanies

The beanie is comfy and keeps my head clear when in high EMF areas.

Genuine Shungite Pyramid

Fast delivery. Hoping it works

Shungite necklace

Thank you, received my necklace today with my other items, beautifully packaged, very happy with necklace, made with strong, sturdy materials, genuine stones, made my day will be definitely ordering more, it would be nice if a copy of the certificate of authenticity is included with shungite pieces. Which I thought cane with it. Very happy with purchase💜

Shungite pendant

Thank you, received my pendant beautifully packaged, today, longest length as stated, just under 10g, along with the rest of my order. Adjustable cord, very happy with purchase, thank u to the person that picked my piece for me, felt the difference straight away.


I cannot speak highly enough of Blake and Hayleys amazing communications and help in my wish to buy some of their products. Always so promptly attentive, helpful, patient ( with all my silly questions!) genuine interest to get what was most beneficial for me...and best of all, never any pressure or pushing for me to buy anything, -which of course I just have..! Now Im so grateful to know I can call them anytime I might need any further help or info, So I know they really DO care. I look forward to getting the benefits of these incredible natural products, and encourage any potential customers to look no further than these lovely people. Jan. Tauranga..

Muscle testing

As a natural health practitioner I often muscle test people for various reasons. I have started muscle testing people with their cells phone then with shungite and their cell phone. Difference is amazing. Varies of course but would highly recommend to put protection on your phone.