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Earthing floor mat 60X90cm - a convenient way to reconnect with the Earth's natural electrical charge

Earthing floor mat 60X90cm - a convenient way to reconnect with the Earth's natural electrical charge

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Earthing floor mat 60X90cm
Includes Earthing plug & cord. 

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 


Step into a healthier lifestyle with our premium Earthing Floor Mat—a convenient way to reconnect with the Earth's natural electrical charge.

Our Earthing Floor Mat is crafted from durable and eco-friendly conductive carbon leatherette, ensuring it will withstand daily use while providing the grounding benefits you seek.

The mat measures a generous size, making it versatile for use under your desk, as a rest for your feet while sitting, while doing yoga or even in the kitchen. 

For optimal confidence in your grounding practice, we recommend pairing the Earthing Floor Mat with a Socket tester to ensure your power outlets are properly Earthed. 

Earthing indoors, made easy. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John H
Earthing Mat

Thankyou Grounded Kiwi for the prompt delivery of my order. We have found it to be an excellent product so far. We are feeling a slight benefit in our health after only using it for 14 days so looking forward to further benefits.

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you are already experiencing some benefits from using our Earthing mat. We hope that it continues to improve your health and well-being. Thank you for choosing Grounded Kiwi!

Bronwyn Kerr

By the end of the second day of using this mat under my feet when sitting working, it was reducing the pain and inflammation in my feet to bearable levels. Sent and delivered very quickly too.

Really cool to hear that Earthing has helped so quickly. Keep it up :)

Margie van Staalduinen/
Earthing mat

To be honest Im not sure the mat does anything for me. I can't measure this. My sleep is bad and hasn't improved. Sometimes I fall asleep and wake up around two. This normally happens after not having slept for three or four night for a couple of hours a night, like from after 4 till 8am. So sorry, because this is what I purchased the mat for.

Please give the underlay time Margie. I know how frustrating it must be to read of others experience and be struggling with sleep yourself and not getting the same results. I myself used to take sleeping pills. Not any more. It can take upto 40 days before earthing has had enough time to support your system into getting good sleep. Keep it going and please get in touch if you need any assistance. _ Blake