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Beautiful necklace

I bought this for my Mum who has a myriad of health concerns, and she loves it aesthetically. It is far too early to assess whether it is having a positive effect on her health as she is currently on antibiotics for a chest infection. It is a lovely necklace though, and hopefully it will have a positive influence on her overall health.

Grounded Kiwi products

Love the shungite ,super fast delivery
Thank you ūüôŹ

Pain free

I have had persistent sciatica on and off for years, since having the earthing mat, my pain is virtually gone! Mt husband and I have noticed a huge improvement in our sleep as well. I would highly recommend anyone to try it. We are so pleased we did ūüėÄ

NO chlorine smell , better skin - super easy to install

Thanks - great service, quick prompt safe delivery - solid product, easy to attach to existing shower head, and I love not having the smell of chlorine in the water - and my skin loves it too!

Better sleep

Hi we haven't tested with a meter but we have woken up in the morning and felling better we have had REST and not just had a sleep we are thinking of buying more for the family
Regards Malc & Diane

5 stars!

I've been wanting an earthing mat for a while and finally bought one- yup, definitely should've purchased sooner. My first night was a toss and turn while I got used to the different energy but I noticed immediately my heart rate slowed to what felt like a healthy, earthly beat. I had such deep and restful sleep after that first night and I'm very happy with these products! I chose the rod to connect straight to the earth and am grateful for the team's responsive and accommodating communication and help. If I want to relax and unwind during the day I'll just lay down and instantly feel that heart rate calm down it's wonderful. I even noticed the blood flow felt more even! Thank you so much will purchase some daytime products soon!

Wifi tamer

I get brain fog, wake up feeling very blah and not refreshed. Unfortunately I have to have the Wifi router in my room. I ordered a EMF Wifi protector, a earthing pillow cover and a pair of CLIP-ON Anti-Blue Computer Glasses. Within a couple of days of using them, I noticed that my brain fog was gone and although I felt a bit tired waking up, it wasn't like a heavy feeling. Not sure if its a combination of all three, but I don't want to trial each one to see which is the one that is working as it's so nice waking up feeling good. As far as we know, it hasn't affected the Wifi signal, but the house is a small bungalow and the TV is no more than 10m away.

I love it

A beautiful design and feels great to wear. I love this pendant and alternate it with my more recently purchased elite shungite. thank you for all the time you gave helping me select

Stunning Pyramid

The photos do not do it justice. This little pyramid is just beautiful and a lovely thing to gift. My friend has it beside her laptop when studying 30 hours a week. I'm certain she's benefitting from it. thank you - great personalised service and product

A lovely gift

A very beautiful pendant and a lovely gift for our friend on her birthday. Long may she enjoy it. Thank you


I can honestly say I felt different as soon as I put this on. I felt lifted and lighter. Weirdly for the first few days I was actually giggly and found many things lighter and funny. I've been more relaxed since wearing this and only take it off to sleep. My partner is also wearing his and feeling better all around. Thank you for having such a great product available and for your outstanding service.

Grounding underlay

Brought by our daughter for my husbands hip pain after an injury he's sleeping better I feel and I am too

Relaxed and chilled.

For a start. The package arrived overnight from the North Island, almost unheard of these days. After we got the double bed grounding sheet on the bed, we had a great night's sleep. My partner dosen't sleep well, but has had solid sleeps since then. My sleep has been very good as well. I only get up once in the night now instead of a number of times. My skin feels better, and wounds heal more quickly. I hardly snore now, and my partner is a lot quieter too. My blood is thinner or has less viscosity as we found after a blood test. Blood pressure is down as well. All in all, I feel more relaxed. The pillow covers are handy to take away with us when we are away from home.

Earthing mat (large)

Fast delivery. It's been two weeks have notice sleeping better , still have aches and pains , had pins and needles feeling in feet and hands

Great beanie

I use it for sleeping, its large so it covers my eyes blacks out any light, great for shift work when I want to sleep during the day, comfortable and practical, highly recommend.


Awesome beanie! I have a huge head and it actually fits!!! Thankyou

Thank you so much for your awesome review! We're so glad to hear that you love your new beanie Nick. Glad it fits you well :)

Love the pendant

I love this pendant and I feel the effects of its protection. It helps me feel more balanced and less effected by EMFs The pendant arrived the day after ordering which was a lovely. It feels very good quality.

Thank you so much for your awesome review! We're so glad to hear that you love your new pendant and that you feel the effects of its protection. We're also glad to hear that you were happy with the shipping speed. We always strive to get our products to our customers as quickly as possible. - Blake


I bought these pillowcases to go with our underblankets sleep has definately improved sleeping more soundly. I would recommend these.

It's fantastic to know that our pillowcases have made a noticeable difference in your sleep quality. We strive to create products that enhance the overall sleep experience, and your feedback reassures us that we're on the right track. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we greatly appreciate your kind words.

Happy Earthing - Blake

Earthing Mat and Pillow cover

Really enjoying using the earthing Mat, and have purchased some more earthing pillow covers for family members . Thank you

We are absolutely delighted to hear that you are enjoying your experience with our Earthing Mat! It's wonderful to know that it has been such a positive addition to your daily routine. We greatly appreciate your trust in our products and your decision to purchase additional Earthing pillow covers for your family members.

Thank you Dianne,

Happy Earthing - Blake

Elite Shungite

loving the water from the filtration with the Elite Shungite, I purchased a second lot so I could filter more water at a time. Thank you for providing these

Thank you so much Dianne for the great review. I love my Shungite water and very happy to hear you are enjoying this too.
Kind Regards,

Enjoying this machine

So far we've had this machine and have been using it for the past 6 weeks and really enjoying how fresh the water has tasted. I will use it longer and send another review for another update. But long story short very happy so far and happy to have tried this machine out before purchasing those Kagen more expensive machines.

Awesome review Hemi, I really appreciate your words and I know others will love to read this to. Great to hear you are enjoying your water now. These are great machines indeed.
Cheers - Blake


Thanks for this bulk deal!
I am very happy to have these 'phone plates and will probably order more.
So far, I have one on my computer, beside the finger-area, one on cell-'phone. and 3 given to family members.
A very helpful product, as I was told my 'phone etc were affecting me.

Thanks, heaps, for the review :)
These Shungite plates are great for placing on all of our devices.


i FEEL SOME RELIEF FROM EFFECTS OF wIfI ETC WHEN i WEAR THE BEANIE. Opening is too large for me - I will try to sew elastic in it so that I can wear it when at shops etc. (I AM 88 so brain has probably shrunk a little!!). I've tried sleeping in it, and seems to help, which is really great! Would love it if outer layer could be breathable. e.g., cotton or wool, especially if for sleeping in it! Thanks. I am happy to have the beanie.

Thank you for the review :)
So glad to hear you are enjoying and finding benefit in our items.

Shungite pendant

I am thrilled to write that my pendant is round my neck 24/7. Ok I take it off to shower but otherwise always there. Loving the design with the tree of life.

Thank you for the review Sara. Great to hear you are enjoying your Shungite as much as we do :)

Shungite ‚ÄėFlower of Life‚Äô pendant

Fast delivery…..Absolutely love my pendant great product highly recommend GroundedKiwi
Thank you for the wonderful service

oowww thank you Fiona for the great review :)