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Great product

I won't say my dog loves it because he finds it too hot in summer but I'm hoping he gets used to sleeping on it once the weather cools down.

Thanks for the review. We have had heaps of people say that their furry loved ones enjoy the Earthing, sometimes so much that they want to sleep on the bed with our Earthing underlay on i! - Hopefully he enjoys it the same

Great desk pad

I love this desk pad which is big enough to fit my computer on plus extra space on both sides. I put it on automatically each day before I start my computer up. Would not be without it.

Great review, thank you. I love using these two. We have two in use on our 'home' computer and the 'work' one. Great to get some extra Earthing in and provide protection from EMFs.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Shungite bracelets

My husband and I are both wearing our bracelets full time. They are so comfortable to wear. Grounded Kiwi were amazing. We had a wee glitch and they responded immediately. Actually the best company we have ever dealt with. We are both very happy. Thankyou so much🙏

Thanks heaps for the great review Elizabeth. So glad to hear you are loving the Shungite as much as we do. I also wear a bracelet for time :)
I often swap wrists that I am wearing it on and listen to how my body feels.
Enjoy - Blake

Beautiful smooth round stone.

Beautiful smooth round stone, that now sits by our bed.

Thanks for the review Gary. Shungite can be a great addition to helping support restful and protective sleep.

Unsure 🫤

I’m not really sure about this product, it’s not as wide as I thought it was. I followed the instructions concerning its placement, I been using it for a few days now, but still feeling really tired during the day,so I’m really not sure about it.

Hey Dianne, thanks for the review. I think you must be talking about our Earthing underlay rather than the socket tester. Please continue to use the underlay each night. Yes for alot of people the positive difference is noticeable straight away but for others its a few weeks before the body has had a chance to reset to the better norm.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Mat and pillowcase

Very disappointed. 2 weeks and insomnia still as strong as ever.

Hi Jane, I'm truly sorry to hear that you're still experiencing insomnia despite earthing. Sleep challenges can be complex, and while many of our customers report improvements, individual experiences can vary. It's possible that additional factors could be influencing your sleep patterns. Have a read of our Blogs to ensure you are creating a sleep promoting space and keep the Earthing going. We have had many customers say that after 3-4 weeks is when they really noticed the improvements.
Please get in touch if you would like us to help further :)
Best Regards,


Feel great in the mornings. I do find I sweat on the underlay mat,slowly getting use to it

Feeling great is a great sign of the goodness Earthing is doing for your body. Connecting to the Earth as we sleep allows everything to work better, cleaning, repairing and rebuilding. Allows us to wake up feeling ready to go.
Happy Earthing - Blake



Thanks heaps for the review Sandra. Glad to hear you are loving your Shungite as much as I do! - Blake

I bought this bed mat for my mum in the hopes it would help with her Parkinsons symptoms. She ended up having very vivid and nasty nightmares, she tried three different times to use it and could not. Has anyone one else had this happen.? Anyway she is sending it to me now because I still want to try it.

Hey Carmen, During the first two weeks of earthing, some people notice that they have vivid dreams. It can be like going to the movies, but while you're asleep. One explanation for this increased dreaming is that your body is catching up on REM sleep or dreaming sleep.
Its kind of a way that you can 'see' that Earthing is working. Deep sleep is vitally important for health. Please reach out to us if you would like more assistance :) - Blake

Socket Tester

A great simple little device to check all wall sockets before plugging anything in. It's truly "peace of mind" just knowing the wall socket it's safe to use.

Appreciate your review Angie. - Happy Earthing, Blake

Fantastic in summer

I have used the sleeping bag for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed especially now in summer with hot nights. I have been sleeping like a baby. Well worth investing in. Many thanks

Great review, thank you very much for sharing your experience of connecting to the Earth as you sleep. Completely natural solution for getting better sleep and in turn better health.
Happy Earthing - Blake

RIP restless legs

Used to hop in bed and be kept awake by restless legs, constant tingling in my feet. Thought maybe it was a deficiency, but once I started earthing using the underlay, it immediately stopped happening. Also noticed a synthetic blanket that would spark in the dark if my arm brushed it (as in, static) no longer does! I'm going to add some office earthing products into my life to get the full benefits. My brother is currently using the earthing wristband around his sprained ankle, I feel like these products are going to be in hot demand around here haha

Awesome review thank you Bernadette. Glad to hear that connecting to the Earth has made such a powerful difference for you. Happy Earthing - Blake

No improvement

Unfortunately I have not noticed any improvement in my sleeping in 3 weeks use but will continue and hope to see
A change

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with the Grounded Kiwi Earthing products. It's not uncommon for some people to take a little longer to notice changes in their sleep patterns. As noted in some customer feedback, the full positive benefits can sometimes show up to 40 days with regular use.

Your commitment to continue is great to hear, and I encourage you to keep track of any subtle changes in your overall well-being too. If after a little more time you still aren't 'feeling' the difference, it could be valuable to check in with a healthcare professional to explore if there are other factors affecting your sleep.

Tongue cleaner

It cleans the tongue

Sure does :)
I use mine every morning. I reckon it makes a big difference once it becomes a habit.
Cheers for the review - Blake

Great little device

This is a simple little device that you plug in to check whether your house is grounded or not. Definitely worthwhile investing in.

Appreciate your review. Well worth testing your Earth with this tool

Everything feels better

The first night I lay on the grounding sheet and pillowcase, it was like my whole body breathed a huge sigh of relief! I could definitely feel the earthing contact. In 2 weeks I have experienced a distinct improvement in overall wellbeing from the start, my nervous system is calmer, the constant pain in my thumb joints is not there now, my sleep is deeper and my energy levels are better. Amazing service too, delivery was really fast and the team so friendly and professional. Highly recommended!!

Such an amazing review Rose. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience of both our Earthing products and service. Happy Earthing - Blake

Worth the money

This works so well that I bought one for a family member as well.

Great to hear. The more people that understand and take action to protect themselves and their safe spaces the better. Appreciate your review Stephanie :)

Socket tester

This product works really well and I now know all my sockets work well.

Thank you :)

Fantastic Pillow Cover

Have used my pillow cover for a few nights now and feel really refreshed in the morning when I get out of bed. It used to take ages to wake up (at least until I had my coffee) but I feel ready to go before I drink my coffee. Highly recommended!

So cool to hear! I love my pillow. I think its my favourite way to 'Earth' indoors and its great to take away with you when you travel too.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Two pillows

Totally love my pilllows, and underblanket.. Ive always been a sound sleepe, . So look forward to going to bed . One pillow and a recovery sleeping bag live in my car. As I travel alot. Now the shoe straps fit well in my shoes. Look forward to the weather warming up so I can get out and about.

Awesome !! Thank you so much for sharing your love of Earthing and our products :)
The pillows are great. We get such good results from the community using these.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Perfect and easy to carry with you

Sorry it took me a while to write you a review but first I needed to come back from my travels , also since is the first time I use the grounding products I wanted to try them first before reviewing.
First of all I would like to thank immensely Blake and Hayley for their amazing support over my process of pre purchase, I had a lot (and I mean a big lot ) of questions which they answered for me always, leaving me very sure of what products to buy for a start.
I bought the travel safe pack basic . The earthing auto sit mat can be used in the plane, I placed it under my feet and I must say I've never felt so refreshed after a long flight (I don't sleep on airplanes and this time I even had a snooze!) . For the pillow cover I added an earthing rod to use on the boat the nights that I didn't had the chance to ground or earth because it wasn't safe to jump in the water.
I could feel over the days my relaxed state, ease on falling asleep and waking up refreshed.
Both items use little space and weight which was handy as I only took a carry on backpack with me.
Now I have the pillow cover in my bed at home and the auto seat mat I use it under my feet either at night or when I'm sitting working on the computer.
Will definitely get the mat for my bed.

You are most welcome :)
Thank you so much for your review after using our products for a while. Its great to hear of your experience and I know others from the community will love to read your words. I use the travel mat in the car too, makes a big difference for me. I used to get alot of hip pain after long car trips. Reduced this by at least 95%
Happy Earthing Denise - Blake


Thank you very much for the review Carissa. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Wave generator.
- Blake

Good for wrapping ankles wrist etc my son finds it soothing

Awesome to hear. These blankets are great eh, nice and soft and providing the benefits of being connected to the Earth inside the home :)
Happy Earthing - Blake

3 out of 4 of us like it lol keeps me asleep longer

75% is pretty good :)
Thank you very much for the review and glad to hear you are feeling the difference in quality of sleep. I love my pillow and I find its the easiest Grounding product to take with me when I am away from home.
Happy Earthing - Blake


I am finding you've a great sleep. Wake up feeling fantastic

Definitely keeps the pain and inflammation down.
Very happy with products.

Awesome review and its really great to hear how Earthing has made such a positive impact on your sleep and health. Thank you very much for sharing with the community.
Happy Earthing - Blake