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EARTHING PILLOW COVER - 75X50cm - NEW Design 100% Grounding

EARTHING PILLOW COVER - 75X50cm - NEW Design 100% Grounding

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You will sleep amazingly with these! Truly a revelation to get a good night's Sleep.

One of our most popular Earthing items. It goes great with an Earthing Bed Underlay.

Price is for One Earthing Pillow cover 

Earthing Pillow Cover - New Version with two distinct sides;

  • Smooth Side: Sleep with your skin directly touching this side for the ultimate grounding experience. It's soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. 
  • Perforated Side: Designed to vent your Pillow Cover, so no air is trapped inside; this eliminates uncomfortable air bubbles. 

Pillow can also be used with a cotton pillow cover over the top if you prefer.

The Earthing pillow cover can help to Improve Sleep, Energy, reduce snoring, reduce depression/anxiety and help you wake up ready to tackle the day ahead. 

Having direct grounding contact around your neck/head areas can also help relieve tension and stress build-up. Deliver Earth's healing free power directly into these most critical areas. 

Safe & non-toxic materials: This Grounding Pillow Cover is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. It utilizes a proprietary blend of vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin infused with a carbon pigment.

Another use for the pillow case is to sleep with it between your knees if you suffer from any pain or inflammation in this area. 

It comes with a zipper closure to secure your pillow inside.


What does Earthing / Grounding do?

* Reduces and can eliminate inflammation - the root cause of so many diseases and illnesses

* Reduces or eliminates chronic pain

* Improves Sleep in most cases

* Increases energy

* Lowers stress and promotes calmness

* Normalizes the body's biological rhythms

* Thins blood and improves blood flow

* Relieves muscle tension and headaches

* Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms

* Dramatically speeds healing

* Reduces or eliminates jet lag

* Protects the body against health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

* Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.


1X 75*50cm Conductive pillowcase +5m cord

To connect the pillow cover to Earth, each comes with your choice of the Earthing Plug or Earthing rod. 


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Customer Reviews

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Improved Sleep

We have several Grounded Kiwi products, and I would highly recommend them! We started with the wrist/ankle band that my husband brought home. I was sceptical but curious as I struggled with sleep. I put it on, felt nothing when I went to bed, and then had the craziest, deepest night of sleep I've ever experienced in my memory! 6am the next morning, I ordered the mattress underlay and pillowcase. I am obsessed now and even bring my mattress underlay with me when travelling! I won't lie, I still have some nights where I struggle with sleep when I'm stressed, but all in all, my sleep is significantly improved!


I purchased a pillow case about 10 days ago and have had great success. I suffer from insomnia, often only getting between 4 to 5 hours a night.. Although I still wake during the night, the periods of sleep are deeper. When I do wake, I find it easier to dose back off to sleep when I couldn't before... Awesome