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Earthing Pillow cover - New and improved

Earthing Pillow cover - New and improved

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Revolutionize your sleep with our Earthing Pillow Cover!

Includes Earthing plug & cord. 

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

This product is one of our top-selling Earthing items, and it pairs perfectly with our Earthing Bed Mat / Underlay. 

Price is for one Earthing Pillow cover only. 

Our innovative new design uses soft, conductive carbon leatherette material that provides a gentle and comfortable touch to your skin while allowing the flow of electrons to pass through. The cover can be used with your favorite pillow and is compatible with most standard pillow sizes.

Invest in your sleep with our Earthing Pillow Cover, the perfect addition to your sleep routine. Enjoy the benefits of Earthing without compromising on comfort or quality. Try it now and feel the difference!

Earthing Pillow Cover - New Version with two distinct sides;

  • Smooth Side: Sleep with your skin directly touching this side for the ultimate grounding experience. It's soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. 
  • Perforated Side: Designed to vent your Pillow Cover, so no air is trapped inside; this eliminates uncomfortable air bubbles. 

This pillow cover measures 75 x 50cm and comes with a zipper closure to keep your pillow snugly in place. Plus, it can be used with a cotton pillow cover if you prefer.

Our Grounding Pillow Cover is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, including a proprietary blend of vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin infused with carbon pigment. You can even use it between your knees to alleviate pain or inflammation in that area.


1X 75*50cm Conductive pillowcase +Earthing plug & 5m cord

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dianne Payne
Earthing Mat and Pillow cover

Really enjoying using the earthing Mat, and have purchased some more earthing pillow covers for family members . Thank you

bryden Lumsden
Added pillow to my grounding mat

Already had the grounding mat but added the pillow and have seen even more improvements .Mainly just less pain , better blood flow, Nose is nice and clear now .Some detox symptoms sometimes .Love the grounding gear. I will get more as time goes on I think:) Thank you

Thank you so much for the review Bryden. Very powerful words that will helps others in a similar situation. The power of connecting to Earth is changing lives :)
Happy Earthing - Blake

Ritchie Murray
Can’t beat earthing products

I’ve been using most earthing products for years and was very happy when returning to NZ that in my lovely city we have wonderful people who are selling a great variety of earthing products. I’ve just bought earthing pillow and infrared sinus therapy kit. I’ve found the earthing pillow is superior to the old one I’d been using and love love love the sinus kit, really helped me. Can’t recommend enough thank you. Maggie

Thats such a great review. Thank you so much Ritchie. We really appreciate you and I know others will love to read your words.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Farrah Murphy
So much sleep

I had no idea earthing would make such a huge difference to my sleep. I feel like I'm catching up on years of deep sleep. My circulation has improved and my complexion looks a lot healthier. Im definitely a fan!

What a great review heading! 'So much sleep', speaks for itself. Thank you so much Farrah for sharing your experience of sleeping grounded. I know our community will love to read and hear the benefits you have found from your Earthing Pillow.

Happy Earthing - Blake

Improved Sleep

We have several Grounded Kiwi products, and I would highly recommend them! We started with the wrist/ankle band that my husband brought home. I was sceptical but curious as I struggled with sleep. I put it on, felt nothing when I went to bed, and then had the craziest, deepest night of sleep I've ever experienced in my memory! 6am the next morning, I ordered the mattress underlay and pillowcase. I am obsessed now and even bring my mattress underlay with me when travelling! I won't lie, I still have some nights where I struggle with sleep when I'm stressed, but all in all, my sleep is significantly improved!