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Elite Shungite for Water Filtration - Healthy Water - 50gram lot

Elite Shungite for Water Filtration - Healthy Water - 50gram lot

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Elite Shungite stone of up to 98% Carbon

Shungite is genuinely amazing!

Total weight: 50grams per lot

If you require more, please select the number of lots.

Stone Size: A range of sizes approx. 25-45mm

What is Shungite water? How to make Shungite water?

Due to the high percentage of carbon, it absorbs all the contaminations and harmful elements from water. Water filtered with shungite is called shungite water. Besides cleaning the water, shungite energizes and mineralizes it, so it has a detoxifying effect.

To make Shungite water, 70-100 grams of elite Shungite per 1 litre of water. Infuse for 12-24 hours and drink it fresh.

Ensure you wash the Shungite stones before using them for the first time. Remove any loose carbon, rust (naturally occurring) or loose debris before placing it in water.

How to cleanse and charge shungite?

Shungite stones can be used repeatedly for a long time if you charge and cleanse them regularly.

To restore the EMF protection properties of Shungite stones, carefully wash your Shungite stones under warm running water and place on a towel outside in full sunshine for several hours.

If you use Shungite for water filtering, we recommend cleaning your Shungite stones with lemon juice solution: use one spoon of lemon juice per litre of water, and place your Shungite rocks in the mixture for a couple of hours. This procedure will clear the Shungite stones from contaminations absorbed from tap water. We recommend cleaning and recharging shungite stones once every four weeks.

About Shungite

Shungite is a rare Precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin found only in Russia, The Republic of Karelia. It bears the name of a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered. Scientists claim that the stone is about 2 billion years old and formed before life existed on Earth. Today it is often referred to as a healing mineral, the mineral or rock of life due to its famous curative and antibacterial qualities.

There are three types of Shungite stones. Type III is called regular shungite. It contains 30-50% of carbon. It has a denser structure and vivid black colour. It can be effortlessly polished and shaped.

For this reason, the stone is widely used for making pyramids, spheres, harmonizers and other shaped products. Petrovsky shungite is a Type II Shungite, containing up to 75% carbon. It has a black surface and can be easily polished and shaped. Elite shungite or Type I Shungite contains from 90 to 98% of organic carbon. It has vivid colour with a silvery shine. Elite stones are very fragile and primarily sold in their original form.

Authentic Shungite can have brown, grey or golden infusions. It is impurities of other minerals. Shungite stones also can have rust on them, especially if stones are used for water purification. The dust is a result of a normal chemical process.


Shungite has many unique properties:

· Shungite is an effective shield from EMF radiation which is everywhere!

· It activates internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body

· Helps to cope with headaches

· Shungite is an effective additional therapy for diseases of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract

· Relieves stress and tension in a person, relieves the sense of fatigue

· Shungite helps to cope with mood swings, depression, anxiety and stress

· Ensures psychological rehabilitation of the person

· Improves the condition of people with hypertensive disorders and emotionally labile impairments

· Normalizes blood pressure and the cardiovascular system

· Helps to heal sleeping disorders

· Relieve anxiety and hyper-excitability, as well as stops unusual emotional reactions

· Increase overall tonus and body resistance rise

Please beware of other stones being sold as if they were Shungite. We Buy directly from Russia, The Republic of Karelia, where only one deposit of genuine Shungite is located.

How to check the authenticity of shungite?

To check the authenticity of shungite, you can run a simple test at home. All you need is a battery, a light bulb and two wires. Place your shungite stone between two wires, and put a light bulb and a battery on the wires. If shungite is authentic, the light bulb will light up because authentic shungite is electrically conductive.

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