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The answer to the most commonly asked questions relating to Earthing.

What is Earthing?

'Earthing' is the term used in tandem with 'Grounding'.These terms describe the physical contact between our human body and the surface of Earth.

The human body is conductive, meaning when in direct contact with the Earth, we absorb the natural electrical frequencies contained within. Just as the sun provides Vitamin D, the Earth provides our body with free electrons, which attract and eliminate 'free radicals' built up within our bodies as well as absorbing excess built-up energy that we have built up over the day.

It is a scary thought when you think about how little time in our modern lives we are in direct contact with the Earth. You wake up in an insulated home, put on shoes with insulating rubber soles, drive in your insulated (or even electrically charged) car and go into your place of work, education etc, then home for the night and repeat. How often did you physically touch the Earth? and if you did, for how long were you in contact? 

To Earth, all that is required is direct skin contact with the surface of Earth. Damp/wet grass is very conductive and feels great but you need to watch out for those summer prickles and worker bees! Kick the shoes off when ever you can and walk on the grass, beach, or dirt. When this isn't an option, you can look to our products, such as the Earthing Underlay, desk mats, Earthing socks or throws which bring the healing power of the Earth, conveniently inside your home, providing the contact. 

Earthing is not a new fad; it has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Now that we have the tools available to actually see and test the benefits scientifically, we have discovered that there are many ways to reconnect to our Earth from inside our homes and workplaces. With Earthing, the more time connected, the better. Protection from the ever-increasing amount of Electromagnetic fields present in our daily lives is an added benefit that our ancestors never needed when they used Earthing to heal the body.

When we don't Earth often enough, our bodies can build up an excess of 'free radicals as the stresses of our modern lives: money, relationships & work get our immune system kicking into high gear to prevent stress. After a while, our body recognizes this stress as an illness and will continue to produce 'free radicals, which in turn become detrimental to our health.

Earthing floods the body from the moment you make contact. Negatively charged electrons flow around the body and eliminate the 'free radicals and help to lower inflammation and associated pain.


When will my order ship? Fast! 

All of our products are in stock here in New Zealand, and the Grounded Kiwi team takes pride in delivering top-notch service with quick delivery.

All items are couriered with tracking; if anything goes wrong, there is no need to worry; the GK team will help get it sorted straight away. 


What should I feel when I start Earthing, and is it possible to have DETOX symptoms?

Everybody has a different experience with Earthing / Grounding. Many people feel an immediate improvement in their health and well-being—less pain, more energy and being able to get to sleep faster and more profound.

Some people feel tingling in their feet or hands when they sleep as the body dissipates built-up voltage from their busy day. You are simply feeling the electrons coming into your body and equalizing it with the Earth's potential, providing natural, healing energy. The tingling accompanies an initial re-energizing, re-synchronizing, and normalizing effect. 

In the beginning, some people may feel flu-like symptoms that include malaise, achiness, headache, a foggy mind, tiredness.  Muscle cramps and disturbed sleep might occur.  Our observations suggest that a healing, normalization process is underway because of Earthing’s ability to improve blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues as well as restore a natural electrical state in the body. Systemically, more efficient cell repair and function takes place, promoting a clear-out of wastes and toxins. Such detoxification could result in the symptoms just mentioned. Nerve fibers may function better, resulting in unaccustomed sensations.  Earthing has given the body additional resources to clean up and try to return to normal. Energy is expended in this process, so people sometimes feel initial fatigue before feeling increased energy. These responses vary from person-to-person, and when they occur, generally ease off within a week or two.

It can take up to 40 days for the full positive benefit of Earthing to show. If after 40days you still are not 'feeling' the difference, we can guarantee that your body is receiving this healing energy but that you should consult with a doctor or Naturopath to see if there are more 'missing pieces to your health journey. 


Earthing with a power socket, do I need the switch on or off?

It does not matter if the power switch is on or off. As the only Earth pin of the plug is made of metal and connected to your house Earth rod via your electrical system.

We always recommend that you test your Earth connection first with a socket tester.


Does my Earthing underlay work with a sheet on top?

To be Earthed and to get all the great benefits, direct skin contact with the earthing bed underlay is not required. As you sleep, your body warms up and creates a little moisture. This natural moisture creates a conductive effect through any natural fibre sheet, such as cotton, making you more conducive.


How do I know if my Earthing product is working?

When connected to Earth via the Earthing plug or Earthing rod, there is a direct connection between Earth and your underlay, pillow, throw, wristband etc. All earthing products will connect your body to Earth when you are in contact. You can use a multi-meter on the 'variable voltage' setting to measure your body's voltage when not in touch and then repeat when in touch with the earthing product.

The result showing on the body voltage test should be a reduction in voltage by at least a factor of 20. So if you are at 1.5V when not touching the earthing product and your body voltage goes down to 0.075V or smaller when you are, then the device is working properly.


Can I use the Earthing Underlay with my electric blanket?

Yes. In fact, we strongly recommend using our Earthing Underlay if you use an electric blanket. Earthing will help to protect your body from EMF / Voltage being emitted from the electrical wires within the blanket that you are directly on top of.

The Underlay is best situated between the electric blanket and your top sheet.

Unplugging the electric blanket from the wall before sleeping is also an excellent idea. Even when it's off, if the blanket is plugged into the wall, there will be voltage leakage.

I take medication. is Earthing ok for me?

It is highly recommended to consult with your GP before starting your Earthing journey. Earthing makes your body function more efficiently, and this improvement can affect medication dosages for the better. 

Earthing can thin the blood, may improve thyroid function, and helps regulate blood sugar and pressure. It's essential that if you are on medication, this is taken into account by a GP.

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice or to replace the care of a professional medical practitioner. Nor is the information contained within intending to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


Based on 530 reviews
Flower of Life Shungite pendant

I love my Flower of Life Shungite pendant. It’s a lovely size and light to wear. I haven’t taken it off since I got it.
Really fast delivery and arrived in a lovely little bag and box. Thank you

Earthing Mat and pillows

I have noticed the improvement in my energy level and overall health since I have started using this earthy mat. I have also stopped taking my homeopathy pills for relaxation and sleep.

EMF/Radiation blocking blanket

I really love and recommend this blanket. Every product that has been bought from Grounded Kiwi is the best quality and highly effective.

Parents love it!

Initially I bought this package for myself but had it delivered to my parents house.
I ended up gifting it to them and they have been amazed by some health benefits they have experienced since using it.
Lowered blood pressure, reduction in medication, deeper sleep, weight loss and more.
Could be a coincidence but these things happened not long after using the earthing products.
Thank you Grounded Kiwi :)
From a grateful daughter.

Excellent product

I’ve been following the hype for many months but was reluctant to buy as suddenly many generic products were flooding the internet. I held off until my trusty Earthing company in New Plymouth had these available so I purchased one immediately. I’m loving this product and already feeling the effects. Thank you so much having these available. Many thanks Maggie

Excellent product

I absolutely love sleeping on the underlay mat, it has helped with my hip and shoulder. So happy


I Bought this a few months ago and since then i have traveled overseas and back and suffice to say, THIS IS AWESOME. I feel so grounded and sleep still the same hours BUT much deeper.
Note: I have paired the pillow cover with a copper infused Pillow and that has helped in a deeper sleep on an energetic front as well.

Sweet Dreams

We have been using a grounding mat on our bed for 10 years. Adding the grounding pillows was an amazing addition!
The first 3 nights I slept for over 10 hours! Dreams are vivid and on going. I recommend these pillows 100%

Thank you Grounded Kiwi

We are very please with the products we have purchased from your business. The customer service is excellent. Regards

Earthing Recovery Bag

Two weeks in and I'm sleeping so well. If I can get my knee pain under control before I go to bed, my sleep is amazing. Have not slept this well for many years. On waking I'm feeling really peaceful and calm. Have had a few days where I've felt slightly heady/stuffed up but read somewhere that is a possibility early on. Highly recommend the Recovery Bag!!!! A++++


Reasonable price good quality fast delivery thankyou Grounded kiwi

Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm

I love this piece, sits wonderfully well on my bedside table and my sleeps seems to have improved, lovely to hold as well!

Earthing tester

This is highly efficient earth tester and so simple and quick to use highly recommend as it gives peace mind

Home Earthed

I brought the earth socket tester with my grounding bed sheet to make sure our sockets were earthed. I'm glad I did as our home has had a lot of Alterations since it was built back in the 60s. I am glad to know we are safe and earthed. This is a good product to have, and it is convenient if you travel to check where you are staying. Big thumbs up 👍

Very happy with my 5 pack of shungite which i gave to family for their cellphones..quick delivery & great service. Thankyou

No show, comming soon.

The shingite necklace I ordered did not appear on my property and after chatting with the team, Hayley is sending me another!
What wonderful service.
I look forward to receiving tomorrow.
Thank you Grounded Kiwi and Hayley. 🙏

Large earthing blanket

Love my earthing blanket sleeping well and no arthritic pain feeling more alive aware and energetic highly recommend

Must try

Am loving my hydrogen water bottle, water tastes really nice and gives me more energy, and it's cool when it lights up and changes colors. Thanks

The NZ/AU Earth socket tester

Because I sleep very well usually, there's no way I would be sure of a good earth connection without this little gadget :-)

Ultimate package.

Love love love this earthing sheet. I suffer from intense fibromyalgia I've had this for 25years plus... I decided I really wanted to test this and thought... I won't take my codeine pill before bed. ( if I had forgotten to take my pill, I wake in morning feeling like a truck hit me....
I awoke in the morning like " normal"..... Meaning the grounding sheet did the same job on my body as coidene.... Omg. So I have now had the sheet for 10 days.... I have not taken any codeine for 10 days and I'm feeling fine.
Both my hubby and I have had some diarrhea, im thinking this is more about depletion of toxins in body, i totally recommend this product... Im so happy that I can say no to pills and say yes to healthy options. AAAAA+++++

Wow Rachelle, what a powerful review, thank you so much. It is so pleasing for us to know that this earthing connection has been so beneficial for you. Thank you for sharing. You will be helping others in similar situation hopefully find the same comfort.

Happy Earthing - Blake

Must try!

I was sceptical at first but thought I’d give it a try not knowing much about grounding etc, I’ve been sleeping on it for a week and the dreams I have an remember are unreal. I’ve always had broken/restless sleeps but I’ve been waking up to my alarm in the same position I went to sleep in. I will be purchasing more for the kids.

Thank you so much for the review Ricki, Great to hear you are spreading the goodness of Earthing to your kids too. I have 3 boys all using either the Earthing mat or Earthing pillow. I believe its so important to help support their development in this electricized world full of EMFs

Great Results!

My skin was breaking out in rashes with regular showers along with an irritated scalp and dry hair, my family were also having issues, and there was a heavy smell of chlorine. After one shower with this filter I had absolutely no symptoms, my hair was softer and no horrible smell. The water even felt softer. My family have reported better results too. I definitely recommend this filter! Thank you GK team!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are thrilled to hear that the filter has made a positive difference in your health and shower experience.

Thanks for sharing Jenna :)

Amazing product!

I love this underlay! Watch the video to find out why :} Thank you, Grounded Kiwi

Amazing Carlotta! Thank you so much. More than anything that we say, others from the community love to read and listen to how Earthing has positively impacted others!

Happy Earthing - Blake

Grounded Kiwi

Fast and efficient online ordering l, good website. Fast delivery. Would definitely recommend them

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience with our website and delivery service. Have a wonderful day!

Earthing underlay

I love my earthing underlay. I wasn't one of the lucky ones that had the best sleep of my life to start with. I had detox symptoms which have just started calming down 2 weeks later. I have started sleeping right through the night which is great and I'm looking forward to things getting better and better.

Thank you for sharing your experience with our Earthing underlay. We're glad to hear that you have noticed positive changes in your sleep patterns. It can take some time for the body to adjust to the benefits of earthing, but we are confident that you will continue to see improvements. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of earthing.