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Earthing Throw Pad - Compact 50x70cm Size Ideal for Sofa, Chair, and Floor

Earthing Throw Pad - Compact 50x70cm Size Ideal for Sofa, Chair, and Floor

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Small Earthing Throw Pad for Grounding

Includes Earthing plug & cord.

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

This throw pad can be used in many ways to keep you grounded always, such as under a desk as a floor mat, under a keyboard, on any seat, as a meditation mat, or for grounded yoga.

Direct skin contact is best, but it can also be used with socks.


Description: Our Small Earthing Throw Pad measures 50cm by 70cm and is made from 95% cotton with a 5% silver grid woven in.


1 X 50*70cm Conductive throw pad + Earthing Plug & 5m product cord

Having your feet on this sheet is like walking barefoot on the earth. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Greg Anderson
Sleeping better so far

My new earthing pad has been working well - I am using it in the bed against my bare legs - the fabric is soft and comfortable so I don't notice it's there. On the first night the skin on my legs felt a bit twitchy, but from then I no longer noticed it. I am sleeping better - up to 7 hours uninterrupted. A thing I have been noticing each night is vivid, realistic dreams - not nightmares or anything, but a bit perplexing. And I'm waking up earlier feeling more alert. Back pain seems to be gradually reducing as well.

Thank you for sharing your experience! It's fantastic to hear that the earthing pad is helping you sleep better and reducing back pain. The vivid dreams and increased alertness upon waking are common experiences reported by many users. Keep enjoying the benefits of grounding!

Robert McGregor

I'm happy with my throw mat thanks

Thank you very much for the review Robert. Much appreciated - Happy Earthing - Blake

Robyn Legge

i am using the mat every day. but I don't feel different. what is it really doing to me.. I want it t be of benefit as it makes sense to me.

Thank you for the review Robyn. Be sure to check out some of the research and videos on Earthing to 'see' the difference even 20mins of Earthing is doing for you. Keep up the good work. - Blake