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Shungite Pendant - Pendulum

Shungite Pendant - Pendulum

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Pendulum Shungite pendant

Made of polished III type regular shungite. Type III shungite contains up to 50% of carbon. It has deep grey or black colour.

Shape: Pendulum

Made of polished regular shungite

Size: 40x15x15 mm

Weight: 15 grams

About shungite pendant

Each shungite pendant carries with it the ancient wisdom and power of billions of years from which shungite originated, as well as the love and dedication of the skilled artisans from Karelia.

Filled with positive energy and the generosity of the region's people, wearing a shungite pendant can bring positive changes to your life. It can help you tap into your inner feelings and potential, and provide support to cope with everyday challenges and routines.

Shungite has the unique ability to calm the psycho-emotional state, making it an ideal solution for those who are prone to feeling nervous or irritable. It can help bring internal harmony and stabilize relationships with loved ones.

Wearing a shungite pendant can enhance overall efficiency and improve the energetic field, especially when worn close to vital parts of the body such as the neck and heart. It is also believed to have a beneficial impact on the vascular system.


Imported directly from Russia by Grounded Kiwi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lance Magee
Thumbs up!

Just what I wanted hang it above my bus bed when I sleep
Great earth ornament with a purpose!
Acceptable pricing &prompt delivery liking it alot!

Awesome, thank you so much for the review and photo. Our community love to see how others are using their Shungite. - Blake

Rach Smith

beauty thank you

Thank you, Rach for the review. Glad you are enjoying the Shungite and benefits it brings to everyday life. - Blake

Lesley Branks
Shunghite pendant

Quick delivery, nice stone to wear. Thank you :-)

Thank you for the positive review, Lesley. Glad you are enjoying the Shungite . We always try to make delivery as speedy as possible. We understand that once people discover Earthing and Shungite they are rightfully excited to start receiving the benefits. Best regards, Blake