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Copper Tongue Scraping - For Oral Health / Overall wellbeing

Copper Tongue Scraping - For Oral Health / Overall wellbeing

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Copper Tongue Scraper / Tongue cleaner

Tongue scraping is a fast way to remove extra particles — including the ones that cause bad breath — from the surface of your tongue.

Our Copper Tongue Scraper/Cleaner, designed for fast and effective tongue cleaning. Removing extra particles, including those that cause bad breath, has never been easier with our uniquely designed scraper made of 100% pure copper.

Scraping and removing the build up from your  tongue each morning can help assist with;

  • Reduce bad breath
  • Improve overall health
  • Remove bacteria
  • Improve your sense of taste
  • Improve the appearance of your tongue

Size: approx. 12x4.8cm

With wider cleaning edges, the entire tongue width can be cleaned with a single stroke, ensuring that no area is left untouched. The thick and safe blunt edges prevent cuts and bruises in the lips and gums, providing a smooth experience while keeping your tongue safe from harm.

Our flexible handles and comfortable grips allow for customization of coverage and manner of use, ensuring efficient cleaning of the entire tongue surface. Suitable for both children and adults, our Copper Tongue Scraper/Cleaner is effective in treating bad breath, improving overall health, removing bacteria, improving your sense of taste, and enhancing the appearance of your tongue.

Measuring approximately 12x4.8cm, our tongue scraper is designed to last a lifetime. Occasional swabbing with lime juice can remove tarnish if desired. Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to a healthier mouth with our Copper Tongue Scraper/Cleaner – the perfect surgical tongue scraper and best remedy for bad breath.

Package Included:

1 x Tongue Scraper

Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner | Perfect Surgical Tongue Scraper | Best remedy for bad breath | Maintains Oral Hygiene | Thick Safe Blunt Edges | Flexible handle and Comfortable Grip

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M Stancich
Tongue cleaner

It cleans the tongue

Sure does :)
I use mine every morning. I reckon it makes a big difference once it becomes a habit.
Cheers for the review - Blake

Camille O'Donoghue

Quality product at a reasonable price - thanks

Thank you for the review Camille, I use mine every morning before drinking my Shungite water. Has become a good habit now :)
Its pretty good to see the difference it makes added to your health routine.


The quickest delivery ever.
The product is exactly what it is shown as and it immediately made a notable difference to my oral health!
The team also have me a generous discount voucher with my order which I thought was absolute class.
Thanks Team!

Thanks you so much for recognizing our Tip Top Kiwi service here at Grounded Kiwi. Your review is great and gave me a big smile :)
Thank you - Blake