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Elite Shungite pendant - Full time protection from EMF - SIMPLE DESIGN

Elite Shungite pendant - Full time protection from EMF - SIMPLE DESIGN

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Elite Shungite rock pendant

Elite shungite is the best for EMF Protection as it contains as high as 98% carbon, the most conductive substance on Earth. 

Each piece of Shungite is approx. 20-30mm in length

Weight: 7-10 grams

Shungite is really a source of neutralizing elements for these and other types of harmful and unnatural occurrences in your environment. While the carbon matrix is high, it neutralizes the atmosphere and negative frequencies, and can even bring healing to affected rooms in your home that have been penetrated by these EMF radiations creating a health disturbance in your home.


Shungite Pendants

Shungite pendants are a unique amulet that protects from EMF radiation, geopathic stress, evil eye & negative energy. It will be a perfect solution for energy-sensitive people who feel quickly drained. Due to the positive vibrations of the stone, the Shungite pendant will help deal with mood swings, numbness and depressive tendencies. It is proven that Shungite pendants increase productivity. The mineral is known to improve the overall efficiency of people and their energetic field, especially when worn close to such important parts of the human body as the neck and heart.

This pendant is made with Elite Type I Shungite, also called Elite Shungite or Noble Shungite, which contains up to 98% carbon. It has a silvery shine and a light grey colour.

Shungite that I received leaves black stains on my skin and clothes. Is there a way to clean the stones? Authentic Shungite has a high carbon content, so it may leave black stains. We recommend carefully cleansing your Shungite items under tap water to get rid of the powder.


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Lel Scott
Elite shungite pendant

Gave this to my sister-in-law for Christmas and she was thrilled to bits. I wear the same type myself, and it's really pretty as well as protective.