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Based on 553 reviews
Amazing product - Changed my life

I didn't have high expectations for this mat as I am a terrible sleeper and have tried every single thing to get a good sleep. I was absolutely blown away with how much it has improved my sleep. It used to take me an hour or 2 to get to sleep and now I fall asleep within minutes. I used to wake up 10 times a night and now I wake 2 to 3 times. My husband no longer wakes up with aches and pains. Wish I had bought one years ago. Highly recommended

Highly recommend

Great buy! Definitely helps get me off to sleep also have noticed an improved quality of sleep very soothing to read by better on my eyes and great way to wind down before sleep

Laptop Shield is great!

I love my laptop shield. I used to get hot and bothered when using my laptop on the sofa, and could feel the heat from the laptop coming through on to my lap. But now I don't experience any of those weird side effects. It's reassuring to know there's something so lightweight that is so effective in protecting people from harmful EMFs!

Pillow cover

The grounding pillow cover works. Definitely improved my sleep 😴

A gift

I bought this for my grandaughter, she loves it. The necklace helps to ground her as she is in her head a great deal. She is a happier young adult, for wearing it. Thank you 💖🤗

Earthing Mat

Once you get used to the feel of the mat which is leather, and adjust it to a place on the bed you can get used to, sleep is definitely better with the grounding mat and I'm glad I persevered! Instead of the mat fully under me, its on my right so I have the choice to lie on my woolrest (back + a little on the mat) or fully on it on my right side. It has def helped my back pain. My cat sleeps on it too and really loves! The customer service is excellent from Grounded Kiwi. This is probably the best product for earthing as will last a very long time

earthing pillow cover

The pillow is a good size and easy to fit and use. I seem to be sleeping better and longer. Im happy with my purchase

foot rest

I bought the foot rest for the purpose of using in the bed as I need to rest my foot over as I have ankle problems.... found this very benificial, Have also since received a large mat for the bed, with this I have found that it has helped me with other body pains and also helping me sleep better
So please I found this through a friend

Electrical Sockets are Good to Go

The electrical sockets in my mid 1970's home, are earthed and grounded.

Thank you.

We're really enjoying the products so far. Great learning experience for our children also. Thank you.

Great professional service

Very happy with the products, very fast service and communication. Definitely would buy again from these lovely people and very much appreciated the voucher given for my next purchase 🙂

Grounding for Reading, Watching TV, or Working on the Laptop

The grounding rest is perfect for life out in the living room. It’s tough, spill proof, you don’t have to worry about being too precious with it, as an accidental cuppa splash will wipe right off with a damp cloth. Comforting being able to ground while seated infront of the TV.

I purchased this grounding rest to use under my feet while working on the laptop, or to use when sitting in the recliner at the end of the day. Have found the grounding rest handy for reading, where I lean my kindle eReader or book up against it, while resting my hands on the rest grounding at the same time. The grounding rest would be a comforting gift for someone who has arthritis in their hands.

Brilliant Price

Cheaper at Grounded Kiwi than in retail stores, thanks.

❤️ Little Gem - Travel Life Saver

Benefiting for the past 18 months from another one of Grounded Kiwi's products at home - their Single Earthing Mat, I've enjoyed waking up, calm and grounded. After traveling recently, without any grounding product in my kit to take along with me, and not earthing at night like I'd usually do, I experienced a succession of horribly wired, sleepless nights.

Promising myself 'never again' would I go through this. I researched through the grounded kiwi products, before purchasing this CUTE, WELL MADE, STURDY earthing pad to use as my GROUNDING TRAVELING COMPANION on nights when I'm away from home. This LITTLE GEM WORKS!!! Am relieved and delighted with my latest grounding addition.

To use: place the earthing pad on top of your pillow quilt side up, the silicone dots under the pad will hold it securely in place the entire night, it won't slip around, or become hot due to it's wonderful cotton content. Attach pad to your plugged in grounding cord, and hey presto sweet holiday dreams are made of this!

❤️ Cheers from a Happy Grounded Kiwi Customer

I am very happy with the flask. Had a cheaper one before purchasing this one and can really tell the difference in quality. I am definitely feeling the benefits of consistently drinking hydrogen water and highly recommend this flask. Thanks Grounded Kiwi

Flower of Life Shungite pendant

I love my Flower of Life Shungite pendant. It’s a lovely size and light to wear. I haven’t taken it off since I got it.
Really fast delivery and arrived in a lovely little bag and box. Thank you

Earthing Mat and pillows

I have noticed the improvement in my energy level and overall health since I have started using this earthy mat. I have also stopped taking my homeopathy pills for relaxation and sleep.

EMF/Radiation blocking blanket

I really love and recommend this blanket. Every product that has been bought from Grounded Kiwi is the best quality and highly effective.

Parents love it!

Initially I bought this package for myself but had it delivered to my parents house.
I ended up gifting it to them and they have been amazed by some health benefits they have experienced since using it.
Lowered blood pressure, reduction in medication, deeper sleep, weight loss and more.
Could be a coincidence but these things happened not long after using the earthing products.
Thank you Grounded Kiwi :)
From a grateful daughter.

Excellent product

I’ve been following the hype for many months but was reluctant to buy as suddenly many generic products were flooding the internet. I held off until my trusty Earthing company in New Plymouth had these available so I purchased one immediately. I’m loving this product and already feeling the effects. Thank you so much having these available. Many thanks Maggie

Excellent product

I absolutely love sleeping on the underlay mat, it has helped with my hip and shoulder. So happy


I Bought this a few months ago and since then i have traveled overseas and back and suffice to say, THIS IS AWESOME. I feel so grounded and sleep still the same hours BUT much deeper.
Note: I have paired the pillow cover with a copper infused Pillow and that has helped in a deeper sleep on an energetic front as well.

Sweet Dreams

We have been using a grounding mat on our bed for 10 years. Adding the grounding pillows was an amazing addition!
The first 3 nights I slept for over 10 hours! Dreams are vivid and on going. I recommend these pillows 100%