Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -
Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -
Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -
Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -
Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -
Shungite EMF Protection - Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm -

Shungite Phone Plate Sticker- 30mm by 40mm

Shungite stone EMF protection for devices. - Rectangle 30mm by 40mm 2mm thick with adhesive backing to stick to most surfaces.

Protective zone: One Meter
Placing the Shungite plate on the base of a EMF emitting device such as a cordless phone base, cellphone, laptop has been shown to change the frequencies coming off  into harmless frequencies. 

These size stones have a protective zone of approximately 1m radius. Easy to stick to Phones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops, Computer monitors etc

Cell phones are the most frequently used source of electromagnetic radiation. It is widely recognized that EMFs created by phones are even more dangerous because of the high intensity of transmitted electromagnetic waves and their proximity to the head. Studies have shown that when you hold your cell phone up to your ear, up to 80% of radiation penetrates your brain. To protect yourself from EMF, you just need to attach a small Shungite plate or sticker to your phone.

Shungite phone stickers have an adhesive backing making them easy to attach to almost any device. The action radius of each phone sticker is big enough and accounts for approximately 1 meter. You can place them either on the back side of your gadget or on a cell phone case.

Shungite stickers are considered a great solution for ensuring deep personal protection against electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that surrounds us in the modern world of technology.

Taping the shungite plates to your phone, tablet, mobile phone, computer, or any other electronic device will reduce the influence of EMF energies affecting you on a daily basis. Besides, shungite plates provide a powerful and positive energetic effect on your life and help you relieve stress and irritation, increase your productivity and performance and contribute to your psycho-emotional balance, as well as to your physical health and well-being normal functioning of all the body systems.

Cordless phones are possibly the worst emitters of harmful radiation in the home that no one thinks about. The base of the cordless phone, in fact, emits dangerous waves of EMF that extend out to around 10 meters! Place a Shungite plate on the base of each unit, and the signal will be modified into compatible bioenergy to protect your body's vital field.

The simplest method of protecting ourselves from these EMF influences is to stay away from its sources. Unfortunately, in our modern day, this has proven to be impossible.

Unlike many other crystals or minerals, Shungite does not take on or become saturated with a negative charge. Most crystals need to be cleansed or recharged to have a positive influence. In fact, many become so negatively charged they make the situation worse.

Shungite contains small quantities of other crystals and minerals (pyrite and quartzite). You may see these inclusions in any Shungite product, which
is normal.

Please beware of other stones being sold as if they were Shungite. We import our Shungite directly from Russia, The Republic of Karelia, where the only deposit of genuine Shungite is located.


Harness The Powerful Properties Of Shungite

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found in certain regions of Russia, notably in the Karelia area. Shungite has gained popularity for its purported ability to purify and energise water.

Water Purification

EMF Protection

Increased Vitality


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heather J
Shungite phone sticker.

Not sure it’s doing anything but I have faith in all Groundedkiwi products. It’s simple and plain, would have liked a pattern on it like the necklace . But I recommend this product 👍


Great product that gives me peace of mind that my tetraplegic son has some sort of grounding .
Easy to wash and he loves it.

We're so glad to hear that our product provides peace of mind for you and comfort for your son. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If you ever need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!

Shungite phone plate sticker

Hi there, I love the Shungite phone plate sticker and it’s the perfect size for my devices.... I have one on my tablet as well as my phone.

Thank you, Deb, for the review. Much appreciated and glad to hear you are enjoying your Shungite protection - Blake

Denise Price
Shungite phone emf protector

The item was delivered promptly and in good order. Hopefully it does its job - I can’t be 100 per cent sure as I have no way of testing it but I do believe my shungite bangle helps so presume the ph one will too. Thanks

Thank you for the positive review of your experience with Grounded Kiwi and our products Denise. We use these products too and wouldn't go without. While hard to measure without technical equipment to measure energy fields, we can sense the grounding and protective qualities of Shungite.

A really cool experiment I've done is give a young child a nugget of elite Shungite and watch their reaction. 'I can feel energy, like tingling in my neck into my head' was what one told me. Us adults might be 'de-tunned' to this energy, but the experts believe that with time and concentration we can get it back :)