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Large 10g + Elite Shungite pendant - Simple natural design

Large 10g + Elite Shungite pendant - Simple natural design

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Elite Shungite rock pendant - Nature protecting life

Elite Shungite contains as high as 98% carbon, the most conductive substance on Earth. Elite Shungite and makes up only 1% of all available.

Each piece is approx. 20-30mm in length

Weight: 10+ grams

All matter existing in the universe is vibration and energy. Shungite is a substance of high vibration and energy. This emission from the mineral is so strong it can turn the harmful left torsion fields from EMF radiation into biocompatible right torsion fields.

Holding a piece of Elite Shungite in your hand is a great idea; sitting still and listening to the energy and feeling. For many adults, this will be hard at first to 'feel' anything as we have become conditioned to 'not feel'. Have patience and allow your body time and quiet space to reconnect. Give the same piece to a kid, and they often feel the energy immediately, possibly around the base of the head and neck area and in the hand holding the Shungite.

Shungite Pendants

Shungite pendants are a unique amulet that protects from EMF radiation, geopathic stress, evil eye & negative energy. It will be a perfect solution for energy-sensitive people who feel quickly drained. Due to the positive vibrations of the stone, the Shungite pendant will help deal with mood swings, numbness and depressive tendencies. It is proven that Shungite pendants increase productivity. The mineral is known to improve the overall efficiency of people and their energetic field, especially when worn close to such important parts of the human body as the neck and heart.

This pendant is made with Elite Type I Shungite, also called Elite Shungite or Noble Shungite, which contains up to 98% carbon. It has a silvery shine and a light grey colour.

Shungite that I received leaves black stains on my skin and clothes. Is there a way to clean the stones? Authentic Shungite has a high carbon content, so it may leave black stains. We recommend carefully cleansing your Shungite items under tap water to get rid of the powder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melanie Bass
Love the pendant

I love this pendant and I feel the effects of its protection. It helps me feel more balanced and less effected by EMFs The pendant arrived the day after ordering which was a lovely. It feels very good quality.

Christine Shelford
Shungite pendant

I love my pendant, however I'm still hearing high pitch noises daily😊

Hey Chirstine, thank you for the review and I'm glad you love the pendant. Sorry to hear about your ringing in the ears. This can be caused from too much exposure to EMF . Have you looked at our red-light therapy ear buds? These have helped people recover from Tinnitus. I cant imagine how annoying that must be to have this daily. Wishing you all the best - Blake