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RFID Blocking Conductive Cloth Tape For RFID / EMF Protection 150mm Wide

RFID Blocking Conductive Cloth Tape For RFID / EMF Protection 150mm Wide

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Conductive Cloth Tape For RFID Blocking & EMF protection

Faraday tape

Adhesive-backed RFID shielding nickel copper conductive fabric tape. Very easy to use and adaptable to many applications.

The price is per meter

& is 150mm wide.

If you would like multiple meters, please select the number of meters you require.

IT CAN BE USED TO LINE WALLS TO REDUCE UNWANTED EMF / RADIATION. Customers have used this fabric to line their bed's headboards to eliminate the voltage from the power wires in the walls. In New Zealand, our power wires are not shielded as in other countries. They are often leaking stray voltage up 12V out and into us! 

Earthing at nighttime with one of our Earthing Underlays is also an excellent idea to protect yourself. 

Super adhesive tape can stick to most surfaces, such as metals, aluminium, copper, plastics, glass, cloth, wood, paper, ceramics, and leather.

Shielding effectiveness: >99.99%

Attenuation: 71-84dB 30MHz-1500M

EMF cloth tape is used for grounding, eliminating guitar interference, ESD/EMI shield, electrical repair, paper circuits, RFID/RFI/RF signal blocking, automobile wiring harness wrapped, making credit card wallet or faraday shielded cage, connecting multiple sheets of faraday EMF protection fabric and more.

You can create your own Faraday Cage and bags, line the inside of your homes smart meter box and more - get creative! It is important not to cover any heat vents. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kiley Turner
Strong tape

Good quality tape is surviving very low temperatures outside and wild, wet and windy weather

Thanks heaps for the great review Kiley. Sounds like you are putting the tape to good use!

Versatile tape

Nice wide tape for a variety of uses! I am going to use it to tape a box that goes over my modem

Thanks! yes its a great easy to use tape. We have had a friend of our line a ice-cream container with the tape to put over his Wifi. Works great.