Staying Warm and Grounded: Using Electric Blankets with Grounded Kiwi Underlays


Winter is coming! 

As winter sets in, many of us seek the comforting embrace of electric blankets for warmth. Yet, some may wonder about the safety and compatibility of using Grounded Kiwi's underlays with these blankets. The answer? It's not just safe—it's highly recommended!

While electric blankets offer coziness, they come with potential health risks like dehydration, lethargy, and electrical hazards. Additionally, the electrical field they emit during use can cause discomfort or harm while we sleep. Our sleep is the most important part of the day! Your body needs the best help it can get.

At Grounded Kiwi, we stress the importance of unplugging electric blankets once your bed is warm to minimize these risks. Keep in mind that residual voltage may still linger in the wires even after they're turned off.

But by combining Grounded Kiwi's underlays with electric blankets, these risks can be mitigated. Our underlays effectively neutralize the electrical charge buildup induced by electric blankets, promoting comfort and overall well-being.

In addition to electric blankets, you can explore alternative warming options like hot water bottles or our Earthing Blanket, which offer an additional layer of warmth warmth without the associated risks. These blankets have a full layer of silver in them which blocks more than 99% of EMF as well as you will find them keeping the heat in pretty good!

In summary, staying warm and grounded this winter is possible by integrating Grounded Kiwi's underlays with electric blankets. Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep while experiencing the benefits of grounding. Keep cozy and grounded this winter with Grounded Kiwi.

In addition to electric blankets, you can explore alternative warming options like hot water bottles. Using a hot water bottle is not only cozy but completely safe, even when earthing.



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