EMF Protection Shungite Set - 2 Pieces - Great Value -
EMF Protection Shungite Set - 2 Pieces - Great Value -
EMF Protection Shungite Set - 2 Pieces - Great Value -
EMF Protection Shungite Set - 2 Pieces - Great Value -

Shungite two piece Set - Great Value


Protect yourself and your living space with this two-piece Shungite Set, offering maximum value and protection.

Sourced from the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, our Shungite products are certified for authenticity by our supplier, ensuring genuine quality.

The set includes a Shungite Cube, measuring 30mm x 30mm and weighing 100g.

The Shungite Cube harmonizes unnatural frequencies entering the space, protecting the surrounding area and promoting balance and well-being.

The set also includes a 6 mm Shungite bracelet made of polished stone beads. The bracelet is elasticated to fit all sizes and protects against harmful EMF frequencies daily. Wear it close to your skin to activate biological healing points, balance your root chakra, and ground yourself while dispelling negative energies.

Our Shungite items are made of natural stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, the only deposit in the world where this amazing mineral is mined. Shungite is known for its strong healing power and antibacterial properties, making it an effective and natural way to purify the air and neutralize dangerous radiation.

Experience the healing power of Shungite for yourself with this affordable and effective two-piece set.


Harness The Powerful Properties Of Shungite

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found in certain regions of Russia, notably in the Karelia area. Shungite has gained popularity for its purported ability to purify and energise water.

Water Purification

EMF Protection

Increased Vitality


Customer Reviews

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Bracelet and cube

I moved into a new 2 story apartment and my bedroom is right by a street light, I was waking up every morning with my nose and sinus blocked. I started wearing the bracelet every night while I sleep and I'm convinced its helped and I havent been blocked since, except for one night I forgot to put it on.

Very cool review Pamela. Glad to hear the protective Shungite is helping you get quality sleep. Many of our customers say the same thing about better sleep and feeling confident and protected. Enjoy - Blake

Two peace bracelet and cube

I trust both these pieces are doing their job.
I wear the bracelet everyday and have the cube in my office ..not sure if I notice a sudden change but a reassurance.

Thank you for the positive review, Jo, Great to hear you are enjoying our Shungite products and taking steps to protect yourself from EMF at home and in the Office.