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Shungite 'Flower of Life' Energy Pendant

Shungite 'Flower of Life' Energy Pendant

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Shungite 'Flower of life' pendant

EMF / 4G & 5G Protection

Help protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation with our Shungite 'Flower of Life' pendant. Each pendant is made of regular polished Shungite, which has a denser structure and vivid black color. The stone contains 30-50% carbon and is known for its high vibration and energy. 

Please note that due to the natural stone's detailing, each pendant may have infusions of golden-colored pyrite. This does not compromise the quality of Shungite and its properties.

Size: 30x30x5 mm
Shungite: Regular, polished
Weight: 11 grams
ABOUT SYMBOL - The Flower of life

The Flower of life is a geometry-based symbol comprised of an odd number of overlapping circles (usually 19 circles, but there can be different variations).  It is connected to the essence and nature of divinity in life cycles, as processes have neither beginning nor end. 

The Flower of life also represents the relationships between people as only in connection all these circles can create an extraordinary symbol.  It is considered one of the forms of Sacred Geometry, along with Labyrinth, Mandala, Tree of life, Swastika, Metatron's Cube, and others. The symbol is universal, as it emerged in the 6-8th centuries across Europe and the Middle East.

The Shungite pendant will help deal with mood swings, numbness, and depressive tendencies due to the stone's positive vibrations. It is also known to increase productivity and improve the overall efficiency of people, especially when worn close to vital parts of the human body such as the neck and heart.

Our Shungite pendants are unique amulets that protect from EMF radiation, geopathic stress, evil eye & negative energy. It is a perfect solution for energy-sensitive people who feel easily drained.

Children should be well-grounded and full of life. Today's modern, over-connected life has many overstimulated and out of balance. These new technologies play on kids' minds constantly, which can lead to symptoms of hyperactivity. Wearing a Shungite pendant or placing a Shungite pyramid near the area they are engaging in these activities can help rebalance children over time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fiona Beachen
Shungite ‘Flower of Life’ pendant

Fast delivery…..Absolutely love my pendant great product highly recommend GroundedKiwi
Thank you for the wonderful service


A bit bigger then I thought. I have no means of testing but hope it works, I wear it around my waist as I have a necklace already

Thank you for the review Levina. The 3 most common feedback we receive from our community is that when wearing Shungite they feel grounded calm and protected. Enjoy :)

Sharna Kim

Absolutely stunning pendant, fast service, and I'm very grateful for the discount coupons included. Thank you so much. Highly recommend groundedkiwi

Happy! Thats how I feel when I read your review :)

Thank you for sharing your experience of Grounded Kiwi. - Blake

Renée Gilmour
Love my pendant

Cleansed it and put it on as soon as I received it. Love the Flower of Life ....sacred geometry. Great product 🌈

Great review, thank you very much Renee. Super stoked you love the design and thank you for uploading the photo. Other people from our community will love to read and see your review. Thank you so much - Blake

Lel Scott
Flower of Life shungite pendant

Our niece loved this when we gave it to her for Christmas and now never takes it off.

So cool to hear how much your niece loves her Shungite. Thank you for the review. - Blake