Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -
Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -
Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -
Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -
Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -
Shungite Bracelet with 8mm beads - EMF Protection -

EMF Protection Shungite Bracelet with 8mm Beads


Our Shungite Bracelets are perfect for everyday wear and protection.

Made with regular shungite beads, the bracelets are unisex and have a one-size-fits-most elastic band.

The wrist area is traversed by many meridian lines, making these bracelets very effective in preventing numbness in the fingers and arms, especially for those who use computers and mice for extended periods.

Wearing a shungite bracelet on the left hand is recommended to activate the bracelet's efficiency.

Our regular shungite beads are round, polished, and have a diameter of 8mm. The standard bracelet size is 18cm, and the weight is 16 grams.

Regular shungite contains 30-50% carbon, has a denser structure, and a vivid black color. It is easily polished and shaped, making it perfect for various shaped products such as pyramids, spheres, and harmonizers.

Wearing the shungite bracelet on the left wrist allows the fullerenes within the shungite to interact with your body chemistry, improving the alpha and beta energy that is produced, triggering memory restoration in the left side of the brain.

On the right wrist, the alpha and gamma centers of the brain are affected, enhancing strength and stamina. Wearing the bracelet on both wrists energizes and strengthens the entire body.


Safeguard Against EMF

Shield Yourself From EMF Radiation with our Cutting-Edge Protective Clothing and Accessories. Our Customers Report The Following Benefits:

Improved Sleep

Reduced Health Risks

Increased Vitality

Enhanced Focus

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maria Piper
8mm Shungite bracelet

I bought this on Waitangi day with the 9mm oval shungite necklace. I wear them both everyday. I'm on my 4G cell phone a lot and have the bracelet on my tapping the keys hand. I am very pleased with the results. I have noticed that I am feeling much better wearing them. I'm in my 60's.

Elizabeth Eyles
Shungite bracelets

My husband and I are both wearing our bracelets full time. They are so comfortable to wear. Grounded Kiwi were amazing. We had a wee glitch and they responded immediately. Actually the best company we have ever dealt with. We are both very happy. Thankyou so much🙏

Thanks heaps for the great review Elizabeth. So glad to hear you are loving the Shungite as much as we do. I also wear a bracelet for time :)
I often swap wrists that I am wearing it on and listen to how my body feels.
Enjoy - Blake

Donna Martin
8mm bead bracelet

Really happy with the bracelet, looks great and I'm sure I feel calmer with it on 🤣

Thank you for your positive review Donna. Enjoy your Shungite

kristen burnett

Love my bracelet. Haven't taken it off since I got it. Simple for a low maintenance jewelry girl like me 😉 I want more shanguite jewelry ✨️

Thank you so much Kristen! Glad to hear you are enjoying your Shungite as much as we do!
Enjoy - Blake

Paul Ave
Shungite bracelet

My lifestyle means I am surrounded by EMFs, Since getting the bracelet I have noticed an improvement in both my sleep & concentration, I highly recommend this product

Very cool to read that this is helping you so much Paul and good to hear you are taking your health and sleep into your own hands :)
Keep it up - Blake