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RFID BLOCKING Fabric - Heavy-Duty RFID Blocking Fabric - 100cm by 110cm - DIY

RFID BLOCKING Fabric - Heavy-Duty RFID Blocking Fabric - 100cm by 110cm - DIY

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RFID blocking fabric is effective at blocking electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation.

This makes it useful for blocking signals from devices such as smart meters, cell phones, and other wireless devices. Using RFID blocking fabric in these applications can help reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Our fabric is sold per meter, with each meter measuring 100cm x 110cm wide. If you require more than one meter, simply select the quantity you need. For bulk orders, please get in touch for a better price.

Made with a composition of 23% copper, 20% nickel, and 50% polyester, our fabric is designed for optimal shielding efficiency. It has a thickness of 0.08-0.09mm and a shielding efficiency of 71-84dB.

Our versatile fabric is perfect for various applications, such as making RFID-blocking clothing, lining pockets and curtains, blocking EMF from smart meters, and creating signal-blocking bags. It can also be used to make maternity outfits, RFID wallets, RFID card bags, and much more.

Our superior conductive fabric effectively blocks and diminishes Wifi/Cell Phone and RF signals, providing reliable EMF protection. Plus, it's easy to cut and sew for DIY projects.

Please note that the fabric may come with a crease. To straighten it out, simply place a towel on top and iron.

Invest in our RFID/EMF/Radiation Blocking Faraday Fabric for peace of mind and protection against harmful signals.

23% copper+20% nickle+50% polyester
Thickness: 0.08-0.09mm
Shielding Efficiency: 71-84dB

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sharon v

Great product- able to make various items with this knowing I will have protection.

R Robertson

I made a little cover for the internet box and was surprised with the reduction of radiation detection on the app I use! A good option for peopke who can't afford the expensive ones but are crafty enough to cone up with ideas... now for rest? Unsure!


i'm disappointed with this product as I specifically bought it to create a shield around my modem . I initially draped the fabric over the modem but found the modem was a lot warmer than without it. So I built a frame which gave a minimum of 50mm separation all around the modem and the modem is still warm. I don't really want a bigger frame around the modem as that will get in the way and draw attention to the modem. So I'm disappointed really.

Hey Stef, we are sorry to hear that your idea for using our RFID tape for your modem didn't work as you expected. TBH I've never heard of any other customers using the fabric like this. Perhaps the purpose-built Wifi router cover would be more suitable -

Happy to have a chat with you regarding this if you would like. Cheers, Blake

Damian flutey

Used to cover smart meter.. works well with the copper tape.

Thanks heaps for the review Damian. Good to hear you are putting it to good use on your smart meter. - Blake

Kiley Turner
No headaches

My son sleeps near our smart meter and has been getting headaches every week, missing alot of school. Since fully enclosing the smart meter in the blocking fabric, he has not had ANY headaches. Also using it on our wifi equipment.

That is so great to hear! Good on you for recognizing that fact and doing something about it. I am sure your son will appreciate that. Headaches are very frustrating.
All the best - Blake