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RFID BLOCKING Fabric - 100cm by 110cm - DIY

RFID BLOCKING Fabric - 100cm by 110cm - DIY

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RFID/EMF/Radiation Blocking Faraday Fabric
Multipurpose and useful in many applications.

Sold per meter 100cm X 110cm wide
If you would like more than one meter, please select the quantity you would like. For bulk order, please get in touch for a better price.

23% copper+20% nickle+50% polyester
Thickness: 0.08-0.09mm
Shielding Efficiency: 71-84dB

Designed for shielding wireless microwave signals, cordless phones, wireless routers, mobile signals

Ideal for making your RFID-blocking clothing, lining pockets, lining curtains, blocking EMF from smart meters or making signal-blocking bags etc

It can be used to make maternity outfits, RFID wallets, RFID card bags, and much more.

SUPERIOR CONDUCTIVE FABRIC to block and diminish Wifi /Cell Phones and RF Signals

Easy DIY to cut and sew for EMF protection.
Fabric may come with a crease. To straighten out, place towel on top and iron.
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peter myles
Calmed in laws

Purchased for my in-laws to cover up a power board and calm the worries. Done the trick.