Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm -
Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm -
Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm -
Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm -

Polished Shungite Pyramid - 30mm - Elevate Your Space


"Harmonize Your Space with Our Powerful Shungite Pyramid

Pyramids are powerful, some people find the energy can prevent ease of sleep. For the bedroom, a Shungite Sphere or Egg will support good sleep as the shape resonates the same as the body. 

Our Shungite items are sourced directly from the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, guaranteeing authenticity with certification from our supplier.
Size: 30mm X 30mm base by 20mm high
Weight: Approx. 60grams
Protective radius: 1m

The pyramid shape has been popular since the appearance of humans due to its magical properties and symbolic meaning. Thus, placing such an item at your home or office contributes significantly to healthy living.

If you want to protect against EMF, place the Shungite pyramid near the Wi-Fi router, computer, or TV set. To strengthen your energy field and bring internal harmony and tranquility to your home, use Shungite pyramids as a part of room décor. Putting a pyramid near your bed improves your sleep and relieves rheumatic and spinal pains. The Shungite pyramid is also a must-have item in an atmosphere of nervousness and conflict. Thus, it can improve your relationships with relatives and colleagues.

Unlike many other crystals or minerals, Shungite does not take on or become saturated with a negative charge. Most crystals need to be cleansed or recharged to have a positive influence. In fact, many become so negatively charged they make the situation worse.

There are polished and non-polished Shungite pyramids, which are widely applied. They provide the same effects in terms of EMF protection and differ only in how they look. It is essential to pay attention to the size of the pyramid determining the protection radius. The larger the item, the bigger the action radius and the more comprehensive protection it provides.


Harness The Powerful Properties Of Shungite

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found in certain regions of Russia, notably in the Karelia area. Shungite has gained popularity for its purported ability to purify and energise water.

Water Purification

EMF Protection

Increased Vitality


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Stunning Pyramid

The photos do not do it justice. This little pyramid is just beautiful and a lovely thing to gift. My friend has it beside her laptop when studying 30 hours a week. I'm certain she's benefitting from it. thank you - great personalised service and product

Thank you for the great review Sara. I love my Shungite pyramid, I use mine next to my office computer. Helps to protect me and when the kids are using this area to.