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Earthing Patch - Full set up kit - 20 Patches plus double connecting cord

Earthing Patch - Full set up kit - 20 Patches plus double connecting cord

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Choose your method of connecting to Earth
Earthing Therapy Patch Kit


  • 20 Individual patches
  • One double-connection cord
  • Either the Earthing plug version or Earthing rod

Additional patches available in packs of 10

Earthing patches are a very versatile Earthing tool, useful in many cases. These reusable adhesive patches can be put directly onto the skin near an injury, pain, wound or area of acute pain. Earthing will help accelerate the healing process and reduce local inflammation and discomfort. They are a way to concentrate earthing into a small area.

Instructions For Use:

Attach 1-2 Earthing Patches to your body and connect the dome connection via the cord

  • Peel and securely stick the Earthing Patch anywhere on your body you most need Earthing. Avoid hair or sensitive areas, as removing the Patch could be unpleasant.
  • An excellent place to apply the Earthing Patch is to the sole(s) of your feet in the K1 spot or to the palms of your hand.

Ways To Use The Patches:

  • Leave The Patch On: A Patch can be left on the skin for 2-3 days at a time. (If you reapply for a new Patch immediately, place it in a different area.) This allows for easy connection to your Coil Cord every time you sit or lay down.
  • Reuse The Patch: You can peel a Patch off your skin and save it for another time as long as the gel in the centre of the Patch is still in contact with your skin when you put the Patch back on. Once the gel no longer makes contact, throw the Patch away and use a new one.

Athletes have found using Earthing patches is especially beneficial for recovery from common injuries and strains.

To connect to Earth, each underlay is supplied with your choice of either an Earthing plug or Earthing rod. 

Earthing plug option uses your regular 3pin house power socket to connect to Earth via your homes/building Earth rod. 

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

The earthing rod option is a 30cm steel rod inserted into the ground & includes a 12m cord that quickly passes through most windows, allowing them to be fully shut.

Both options also come with a 5m product connection cord.

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