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Extra-Large Grounding Blanket - 145X190cm Earthing on Sofas, Chairs, Floors, and Beds"

Extra-Large Grounding Blanket - 145X190cm Earthing on Sofas, Chairs, Floors, and Beds"

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Experience the Ultimate Grounding Comfort with our Large Earthing Throw (145cm x 190cm) Includes Earthing plug & cord. 

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

Our Earthing pad provides unparalleled comfort and can be used anywhere in your home. It's perfect for cuddling up on the couch, placing on your lap while working, or enhancing your meditation practice.

Made from a conductive material consisting of 95% cotton with a 5% silver grid woven in, this throw offers the best grounding experience.

For optimal results, it's recommended to use the throw directly on your skin, allowing the silver fibre woven grid to work its magic. Additionally, you can wear socks as the moisture from your feet will help with conductivity.

The versatility of this throw makes it an essential accessory in your daily life. You can use it as a floor mat under your desk or keyboard, on any seat such as your office chair or couch, as a meditation mat, or for grounded yoga.

Experience grounding wherever you go by simply placing our Earthing throw on your bed or any other surface.

Can be used:

* Under desk as a floor mat

* Under keyboard

* On any seat - Office chair/couch etc

* Meditation mat

* Yoga - for grounded yoga

* On your bed


1 X 145X190cm Conductive throw pad + Earthing plug & 5m product cord

 To read more about the Earthing plug & rods see our quick read blog here

Care Instructions:

 Wash every week or two

 Wash in a washing machine with warm water (40°C )

 Use a liquid ECO-friendly laundry detergent 

 Air Dry

 Don't wash with bleach

 Don't wash with fabric softeners

 Don't use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents

 Don't use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)

 Don't use dryer sheet fabric softeners

 Don't dry clean

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great sleep, energised during day and much more

I have slept on my grounding blanket for only 2 nights. My husband and I have felt immediate results. Better and deeper sleep. For hubby less trips to the toilet during the night. For hubby no scratching as he always felt itchy during sleep . For myself no sore neck in the morning and the feeling of wanting to go to sleep immediately. I just can't fathom the feeling of how good a sleep that I have had. Not to mention no joint pain for both hubby and I. It was such a great investment of time and money to research first via the reviews of grounding and then making the decision to buy. Kia ora

Absolutely amazing review Moana. We are so happy to hear that connecting to the Earth as you sleep has made such a profound difference for you both :)
Thank you for sharing, as I know many others will enjoy to read this.
Happy Earthing - Blake

Extra Large grounding blanket

Love this blanket, since receiving it have slept through the night. Found that it gets hot during the night and have to throw off the duvet. Easy to use and connect. Definitely recommend it. Looking later on tho buy the single bed ones for my grandchildren as they really well through the night. Awesome thanks Grounded Kiwi 🙏🙏

Thank you very much for the great review, Natalie. Very cool to hear how connection to the Earth has been good for you and thanks for wanting to spread this goodness to your family - Happy Earthing, Blake

Jerry matthews
Extra large Grounding Blanket

I'm in awe at the incredible things already happened while using the extra large grounding blanket, I'm no longer getting up in middle of nite to pee normally 5-6 times a nite.. I'm having deeper sleeps my arthritis knees are no longer sore anymore

Amazing review Jerry. So very happy to hear how Earthing has positively impacted your quality of life! Other people in similar situations will love to read this.

Thanks again

Happy Earthing - Blake

Lyn Connolly
Bed mat

Very good sleeping well

Thank you for the positive review, Lyn, so good to hear that sleeping connected to the Earth on an Earthing mat has helped your sleep :)

Happy Earthing - Blake

Karen A
Keeps me grounded when on my bed

Good quality. I use it as a blanket. Have not washed it yet, I hope that it holds up. I have 2 of their pet mats and one of them the earthing connector fell apart.

Thank you for the review, Karen. Glad you are enjoying our products and thank you for your continued support.

Happy Earthing - Blake