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EARTHING Dog Mat / Healing pet mat 90 X 68cm - Connected to Earth

EARTHING Dog Mat / Healing pet mat 90 X 68cm - Connected to Earth

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Choose your method of connecting to Earth
Earthing indoor pet mats for your furry family members.

Some pets cannot get outside and Earth as frequently as they/we would like. This could be due to their age, health or inside living.

Having a Grounding pet mat located inside your home provides a retreat where your loved pet can sit or lie down and still be connected to the healing energy of the Earth. 

EARTHING Pet Mat 90X68cm

They are made of the same carbon-infused material as our Premium Earthing bed underlays, just in a smaller size. 

It allows the Earth's natural flow of free electrons to flow and provides all the benefits to your pet as it does for humans. Help to reduce inflammation, ease sore joints, reduce pain, and speed healing and recovery.

Pets sense something familiar and good when they come in contact with an Earthing mat indoors. They are drawn to it. Almost like a magnet. Like what they are familiar with outdoors. Although they can’t articulate their feelings, their actions and health speak louder than words.

Earthing for pets has been shown to help improve everything from joint mobility and calmness to less shedding of hair and scratching.

Made from soft 100% conductive perforated carbon leatherette that is eco-friendly

Cleaning instructions:

Easy cleaning by wiping down with any non-corrosive cleaner and allowing to air dry. No washing is required.

Connecting the pet mat to Earth, each pet mat is supplied with your choice of either an Earthing plug or Earthing rod. 

Earthing plug option uses your regular 3pin house power socket to connect to Earth via your homes/building Earth rod. 

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

The earthing rod option is a 30cm steel rod inserted into the ground & includes a 12m cord that easily passes through most windows, allowing them to be fully shut.

Both options also come with a 5m product connection cord.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Komene

My dogs are loving their mats. Not so many moans and growns getting up and down.

Shelley Guy
Great wee addition

With magnetic mats already in the house, it has been interesting to watch my three dogs with this mat. One is frequently on it, another often and the youngest occasionally. What I have noticed is that the dogs suddenly have a tendency to go and sit outside more. I have positioned it so I can rest my feet on it and have experienced some very deep sleeps. A friend has also experienced good sleep after using and is now ordering one for herself!