EARTHING Car seat pad 25cm X 30cm - Reduce drivers fatigue. Stay alert & safe -
EARTHING Car seat pad 25cm X 30cm - Reduce drivers fatigue. Stay alert & safe -

EARTHING Car seat pad 25cm X 30cm - Reduce drivers fatigue. Stay alert & safe

EARTHING Car seat pad.

Size: 25cm X 30cm

The perfect solution for reducing static energy and unwanted energy build-up while traveling by car by grounding the user to the car chassis. Measuring 25cm X 30cm, this grounding car pad may help you arrive at your destination more relaxed, stay more alert, and suffer less driver fatigue.

Simply connect the car pad to the metal body of your car via an alligator clip, and let it gently discharge any unwanted energy that you build up while driving. 

The car pad comes with a stretchy cord to keep it tidy, and you will need to find a suitable connection point to the metal body of the car. If there is thick paint, you may need to scrape away a small bit for a closer connection of the metal alligator clip.

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable feeling of static energy and unwanted energy build-up while driving. 


Get Grounded You In The Comfort of Your Home

Our Earthing products connect you to the ground outside so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of earthing from indoors. Our customers have reported the following:

Improved Sleep

Reduced Pain

Increased Energy

Reduced Stress

Customer Reviews

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I bought one of these mats many months back and can testify to the huge change in my fatigue during a long drive ... these mats work they e really do :-)

That is awesome to hear Suzie. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Grounded Kiwi community - Happy Earthing - Blake

Phil B
I was a sceptic

As a sparky I was definitely more than a little sceptical but had had my own thoughts on being barefoot in nature being good for you. Now I am absolutely convinced in grounding. Mostly the changes I have noticed are on the blemishes on my skin are disappearing, even one I thought I should see a doctor about...just disappeared. Sleep has definitely improved and morning anxiety which was pretty intense at times, no longer exists. I use my matt on the arm of my chair or under my shirt on my stomach when I am seated and on my pillow when I sleep.....somebody needs to create an earthed computer mouse so people can be earthed at work if they are office workers...I think the long term benefits would be astonishing.

Hey Phil, wow, what a review. I really love the fact that you admit that you were a sceptic but are now a believer. I enjoyed reading your experience, as I am sure many others will too.

How good are the changes you have already noticed in yourself! Amazing! So grateful to be part of your health journey. Thank you for sharing. Happy Earthing - Blake