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BULK Deal 5 X Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm - Shungite EMF Protection Phone Plate

BULK Deal 5 X Phone Plates Sticker 30mm by 40mm - Shungite EMF Protection Phone Plate

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Buy these 5 Shungite phone plates and SAVE $24.95 
Bulk lot including 5 X Shungite plates with adhesive backing. 

Great for use on EMF producing appliances around the home including, mobile phones, home phones, printers, TV's, Microwaves, Smart TV's, Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, headsets, tablets, laptops, clock radios, charging pads and more 

Shungite stone EMF protection for devices. - Rectangle 30mm by 40mm 2mm thick

Adhesive backing to stick to most surfaces.

Protective zone: One Meter per plate

Shungite phone stickers have an adhesive backing making them easy to attach to almost any device. The action radius of each phone sticker is big enough and accounts for approximately 1 meter. You can place them either on the back side of your gadget or on a cell phone case.

Cordless phones are possibly the worst emitters of harmful radiation in the home that no one thinks about. The base of the cordless phone, in fact, emits dangerous waves of EMF that extend out to around 10 meters! Place a Shungite plate on the base of each unit, and the signal will be modified into compatible bioenergy to protect your body's vital field.

Researcher Regina Martino shows in her studies that Shungite stickers are considered a great solution for ensuring personal protection against electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that surrounds us in the modern world of technology.
Using shungite plates on your phone, tablet, mobile phone, computer, or any other electronic device will reduce the influence of EMF energies affecting you on a daily basis. 

The simplest method of protecting ourselves from these EMF influences is to stay away from its sources. Unfortunately, in our modern day, this has proven to be impossible.

Shungite contains small quantities of other crystals and minerals (pyrite and quartzite). You may see these inclusions in any shungite product, which
is normal.

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Customer Reviews

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Thanks for this bulk deal!
I am very happy to have these 'phone plates and will probably order more.
So far, I have one on my computer, beside the finger-area, one on cell-'phone. and 3 given to family members.
A very helpful product, as I was told my 'phone etc were affecting me.