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EMF Protecting swaddle blanket - silver / organic cotton 90cm X 75cm

EMF Protecting swaddle blanket - silver / organic cotton 90cm X 75cm

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Earthing / EMF Protecting Baby Swaddle blanket

No Earthing connection 

These blankets can be used on the mother while pregnant to provide the benefit of being grounded and EMF protection, and then when the baby is born can be used as a swaddle.

Protect the entire body from EMF frequencies coming from Wi-Fi routers, Smart TVs, etc. 100% silver radiation blocking layer on one side and super soft cozy on the other.

Package includes

1* EMF blanket 90cm X 75cm


Comfortable, Soft, and Durable

Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Odor

Great for travelling or just to have on the couch or even for a child’s bed.

Washing and care instructions

* Wash every week or bi-weekly

* Machine wash on warm (40 degrees Celsius)

* Wash on a delicate cycle to avoid high spin

* Use a liquid laundry detergent

* Line dry or dryer on low (max 65 degrees Celsius)

* Can be ironed on a low heat

AVOID - Do not use any of the following, as it can break down the conductivity of these products.

* Bleach

* Fabric Softeners

* Whitening detergents or oxi-detergents

* Detergents with essential oils or coconut oil

* Do not dry clean


30 MHz to 3GHz with 99.9% radiation reduction


Outer material: Organic cotton, Inner material: 100% silver fabric

This is a very unique and innovative product. It will offer protection and longevity in an increasingly EMF-ridden world if treated properly.

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