What to do when you're not feeling better from Earthing

I understand that if you are reading this BLOG you may be one of the few who haven't yet had the experience of Earthing that you were looking for. When reading others speak of their amazing results, I can feel the frustration. I want to know that there are things you can do to help your body accept this grounding and with it the benefits you are needing. 


Troubleshooting Your Earthing Experience

Do you find yourself wondering why you aren't reaping the full benefits of Earthing? You're not alone! Often, there's a simple explanation and a simple solution. If you're already acquainted with the concept of Earthing, great! If not, it's never too late to dive into our resources and gain a better understanding. Check out our informative video and useful guides here. This can really help set up the 'power of the mind' concept. The Earthing Movie will show you exactly what is happening and why we should all be connecting daily. 

  • Ensure Proper Grounding

Right off the bat, it's crucial to ensure that your Earthing product is correctly grounded. Use a socket tester to confirm your outlets are genuinely connected to the Earth. Look for the 'CORRECT' pattern on the Grounded Kiwi Earth socket tester. We also have a video instruction if needed on the above mentioned link.


  • Take control of your sleeping environment - Eliminate EMF sources

This step is vitally important if you are not feeling better from Earthing and especially if you have been feeling worse since you started. 

Go into your room and consider each and everything that is electrical. All items connected to power will have at least some thrown A/C electrical charge and possibly a magnetic field when the current is flowing. 

Familiar sources of electrical EMF found in the bedroom are:

Bedside lamps, alarm clocks, charging stations, electric beds, TVs, streaming devices, ceiling fans, air conditioners, humidifiers, air purifiers, computers, laptops, printers, smart home devices, electric blankets, portable heaters, fans, gaming consoles, electric toothbrush chargers, hair dryers, straighteners, electric shavers, nightlights, Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extender. 

You must also consider the less obvious—underfloor heating and wires running through your walls. What does the room back onto—the kitchen/lounge / electrical switchboard / solar inverter? Is the main power feed to the oven passing through the roof space? Do you have solar power feeds on the ceiling? Do you have an HRV system? 

Eliminate - Isolate - Minimise

Eliminate—Can you completely eliminate these sources prior to going to sleep by pulling the plug, turning off the main power, and removing them from the room?

Isolate—Can you move further away from the power source? Can you move the bed to another area of the room or switch rooms? Can you make turning off the Wi-Fi and leaving your phones out of the room a habit? 

Minimise—Grab yourself a Household meter and test all around your bed to see how you can control your space by moving items around. 

I recommend grabbing out the Household EMF tester and testing around your bed from the floor to the ceiling. Ideally, you want the Volts per meter (V/m) to be zero or as close as possible to zero, the same as the magnetic field. In my current bed position, I get a reading of 1-2 Volts at the head of my bed. Earthing protects me from this stray voltage. Suppose you use this meter and get high readings, especially above the bed. In that case, this high electrical field will be caused by one or more electrical items in your space. This electrical field will be looking for a path to Earth. It may end up going through the Earthing mat so much so that it could be blocking the negative free electrons from flowing back into you, and this is where most of the goodness of Earthing comes from.

I strongly encourage you to regain control of your sleeping space and eliminate as many electrical items as possible. 


  • Hydration Is Key (This one is a very important step)

Hydration is a golden rule while Earthing. A well-hydrated body is conductive, helping you more efficiently equalize with Earth's natural energy, thus enhancing the Earthing process and its benefits. So, drink up!

Also it is worth considering your water source. If you are on town tap water, as the majority are, do you have a filter? or using a gravity filter like our family does? Again the water supply coming from ancient pipes in the ground and from council controlled water sources can be a bit scary. I definitely recommend filtering your water if you can, and if you cant afford a filter, even letting water sit in a glass container for a day or two can make a world of deference to its quality. 

  • Regular System Check

It won't hurt to periodically check your Earthing system. Utilize an Earthing continuity tester to make sure your product and its cords are working correctly. You could also perform a 'body voltage' test to compare voltage levels when connected and disconnected. Visit our site for video instructions on the latter.

The 'Body Voltage test' is a excellent way to actually see the benefits the benefits of Earthing. It can also be quite a scary moment when you see this stray voltage from your home inside your body. Yup, when you are close to an electrical item, wiring etc. you are inside its electrical field, our bodies weren't meant to have this interference constantly. 

  • Beware of Accidental Disconnections

The unexpected can always happen - accidental disconnections due to wires unplugging or pets chewing cords can halt your grounding journey. Over the years, we've experienced such hiccups ourselves - they're noticeable after a day or two! With pain and lack of energy coming back into our lives again! Shoo pain! 

  • Optimal Mat Placement

Location matters for grounding mats - place them under the heaviest part of your body (typically, the midsection). If you're experiencing 'detox' symptoms, gently introduce your body to earthing by placing the Earthing mat under your feet during sleep initially can be a great idea to. 

If you are feeling hot from the mat as some do report at the beginning, this can be due to your blood flowing better than it did prior to Earthing. This improved circulation can often be felt as warmth in the toes, hands, neck and head. If it hindering your sleep, try placing the mat just under your feet for awhile. 

  • Medication Consideration

For those on medication, it's key to know that grounding could alter your body's reaction to the medication. Consult with a healthcare professional if this concern arises. We recommend telling your Doctor prior to introducing this connection. It can occur that some medications might be able to be reduced or completely eliminated in some cases, as your body is now working better. Its very important that this is only done in consultation with your Doctor OK! 

  • Manage Stress

High-stress situations can inhibit grounding. If you're leading a high-stress life, your grounding sessions should be prolonged, as in you may like to add more Earthing during the day. Even kicking off the shoes and standing on the grass can help.

Think of it as charging a battery - it's a process that takes time. Whether it's through an Earthing Mat under your foot during the day or snuggling in an Earthing blanket at night, longer grounding periods might be the calm in your life's storm.

If you are into meditation or Yoga, you may like to add Earthing to your practice as I do. It just works better! 

  • Persistent Problem-solving

If you've tried everything but still feel disconnected, don't fret! Just making minor adjustments such as repositioning your grounding mat or increasing hydration could be game-changers. Conducting a 'body voltage' test can visualize the difference Earthing is making, perfect for those who may be skeptical about the process.

  • Continued Support

At Grounded Kiwi, we've had the pleasure of helping our community connect to the Earth indoors over many years, and the results have been nothing short of awe-inspiring for the majority. We even get people writing to us, thanking us for introducing them to this 'new' concept. 

We understand the frustration when grounding doesn't immediately improve one's quality of life, especially when others claim to have benefited immensely.

But don't lose hope!

This guide might help you turn things around faster than you think. The benefits of Earthing might take some time to surface, akin to seeds breaking through the soil.

For those patient but still feeling untethered, the Grounded Kiwi research page or the Earthing Institute's research page could offer additional insight. Keep grounding!


"With love and patience, nothing is impossible" ~ Daisaku Ikeda

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