What to do when you're not feeling better from Earthing

Are you feeling like you’re missing out on the benefits of Earthing?

f connecting to the Earth's natural energy indoors doesn’t seem to be making a difference, don’t worry! Many have been in your shoes, and there’s likely an explanation – and a solution.

Understanding Earthing is key, so if you’re familiar with the concept from our resources, great! If not, I recommend checking them out for some background.

Check out our Video & helpful guides ~ here

1. Check your connection:

Make sure your Earthing product is properly grounded. Test outlets with an socket tester to ensure they are indeed Earthed.

2. Grounding Rods in dry regions:

Live in a dry climate? Or have a sandy soil around your home? Moistening the soil around your ground rod can enhance conductivity. Grab a hose and let the area around your homes Earth rod well, see if that make a difference for you.

3. Grounding time: 

Duration is critical. Some individuals feel fabulous after an one night; others need longer, especially if you’re dealing with health issues.

 Its quite common to actually feel worse for the first couple of nights. This could be part of the adjustment period, as your body starts to detoxify itself. This process is generally a sign that your body is responding to earthing and is working to restore its natural balance and eliminate built-up stress.

 Also, it's worth noting that the full positive benefits of earthing can take up to 40 days to manifest, as every person's body responds differently to the practice.

 Also, it's worth noting that the full positive benefits of earthing can take up to 40 days to manifest, as every person's body responds differently to the practice.

 If these feelings last beyond a couple of weeks or are concerning, consider consulting with a healthcare provider for a personalized assessment.

4. Hydrate:

Dehydration can impact the grounding experience. Staying hydrated is indeed important while earthing. Being well-hydrated helps maintain good conductivity in your body, which can enhance the grounding effect. This means your body can more effectively equalize with the natural energy of the Earth, possibly improving the experience and the associated benefits like reduction of inflammation and pain. So keep that water bottle handy while you're grounded!

5. Grounding System:

Use an Earthing continuity tester to ensure your product and the connected cords are functioning properly. Or perform a ‘body voltage’ test to actually see the difference in levels of voltage in the body when connected and not connected.

Please visit the Grounded Kiwi website for video instructions on how to perform this test. Multimeters also available for purchase.

6. Disconnection Detectives: 

Remember, accidental disconnections happen – unplugged wires or chewed cords by pets can interrupt your grounding journey.

Over our years of Earthing, we can recall 4 times that we have been unknowingly disconnected (unplugged) and with 1-2 nights we really know about it!

7. Reposition your mat:

For grounding mats, make sure it’s under the heaviest part of your body (usually the midsection).

If you are experiences symptoms of ‘detox’ in can be a really good idea to ease your body into earthing. Try placing the underlay just under your feet while you sleep for a few nights.

8. Medication Check:

If on medication, grounding could potentially alter how your body responds to it. Consult with a healthcare professional if you think this might be an issue.

9. Stress Factor: 

Stress can be a grounding buzzkill. If your life is high-stress, you might need to ground for longer periods.

 The key is to be patient and persistent. Think of it as charging a battery—it takes time to fill up, especially if you're running on empty. So whether it's through a plush Earthing Mat under your feet during the day, or wrapping yourself in the embrace of an Earthing blanket while you slumber, more grounding time could very well be the peaceful port in your stormy seas.

10. We are here to help:

For those who've tried all the above and still feel disconnected, you've got options. For instance, repositioning your grounding mat or hydrating more could make all the difference. Preforming a ‘body voltage’ test and actually seeing the difference Earthing is making. I find this is a very powerful tool and one that I would recommend you do. For your own ‘piece of mind’ seeing that ‘something’ is actually happening and also to show that friend or family member who thinks its all ‘airy fairy’. This will make them go “WOW”.

Grounded Kiwi, over the years has had the absolute pleasure of helping our community connect to the Earth indoors. The results / reviews have overwhelmingly been truly amazing. We are all individuals, with different health journeys and what comes with that is we do have the person that makes grounding part of their life and isn’t ‘feeling’ the goodness. We understand that this is upsetting when you read the reviews of others who have found grounding increased their own quality of life. All is not lost! Hopefully this guide will help you sooner than you think. We have had great success being able to help those where results have come straight away.

Remember, the effects of Earthing can be understated at first. Like seeds gradually breaking through soil, the benefits might take time to surface but are potentially growing all the while.

For those who've been patient but still feel adrift, a look at the Grounded Kiwi research page or the Earthing Institute’s research page could offer further insight



"With love and patience, nothing is impossible" ~ Daisaku Ikeda

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