What is Earthing?

'Earthing' is the term used in tandem with 'Grounding'. These terms describe the physical contact between our human body and the surface of Earth.

The human body is conductive, meaning when in direct contact with the Earth, we absorb the natural electrical frequencies contained within. Just as the sun provides Vitamin D, the Earth provides our body with free electrons, which attract and eliminate 'free radicals' built up within our bodies as well as absorbing excess built-up energy that we have built up over the day.

It is a scary thought when you think about how little time in our modern lives we are in direct contact with the Earth. You wake up in an insulated home, put on shoes with insulating rubber soles, drive in your insulated (or even electrically charged) car and go into your place of work, education etc, then home for the night and repeat. How often did you physically touch the Earth? and if you did, for how long were you in contact? 

To Earth, all that is required is direct skin contact with the surface of Earth. Damp/wet grass is very conductive and feels great but you need to watch out for those summer prickles and worker bees! Kick the shoes off when ever you can and walk on the grass, beach, or dirt. When this isn't an option, you can look to our products, such as the Earthing Underlay, desk mats, Earthing socks or throws which bring the healing power of the Earth, conveniently inside your home, providing the contact. 

Earthing is not a new fad; it has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Now that we have the tools available to actually see and test the benefits scientifically, we have discovered that there are many ways to reconnect to our Earth from inside our homes and workplaces. With Earthing, the more time connected, the better. Protection from the ever-increasing amount of Electromagnetic fields present in our daily lives is an added benefit that our ancestors never needed when they used Earthing to heal the body.

When we don't Earth often enough, our bodies can build up an excess of 'free radicals as the stresses of our modern lives: money, relationships & work get our immune system kicking into high gear to prevent stress. After a while, our body recognizes this stress as an illness and will continue to produce 'free radicals, which in turn become detrimental to our health.

Earthing floods the body from the moment you make contact. Negatively charged electrons flow around the body and eliminate the 'free radicals and help to lower inflammation and associated pain.

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