Hi, I'm Blake, the Founder of Grounded Kiwi

Hello Grounded Kiwi Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.
Thank you for being here on our site and taking the time to learn more about us and the Great natural healing power of connecting to Earth.

Alongside founding and growing our Grounded Kiwi family business with my wife Rachel, I have spent 17 years serving the community as a Career Firefighter at New Plymouth Fire Station.

I love my job, but at times it can be very challenging. From intense fires (melted my helmet but not me) to car crashes, tornados, flooding, medical incidents and the odd cat up a tree or dog down a bank. The people in my team and the positive difference we make in people's times of need keep me doing what I do.

Life can get busy; I'm not always perfect. I always strive to be 'present' for my boys, Travis, 12, Jacko, 10 & Ollie, 8yo. Being there for them as much as possible is important to me. My work can call me away from them; they support me and understand that I am helping others.

I first learned about Earthing by stumbling across it while looking on the internet a few years ago. I was drawn to it; it just made sense. I ordered the book, 'Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!' by Clint Ober and read it twice from cover to cover.

I bought a set of Earthing sheets, the cotton ones with 5% silver fibre thread woven in. I started using it while trying to convince Rachel it was a good idea. It didn't take her long; we could feel the Earth. Slight, not unpleasant tingling in our feet each night for the first few nights.

With my job and life, I love to work out and be in good physical condition, as I always have. Before Earthing, I frequently got sore, tight, or sprained muscles in my neck and back and sprained ankles numerous times. The Earthing has been fantastic for this; I hardly get sore muscles at all, even on the most strenuous workouts. The healing is much faster and no sprained ankles playing basketball, the sport I love.

Rachel always got knots in her shoulder blades and tight across her traps.
Not anymore! Well, there has been a couple of times that we have disconnected the sheet and forgotten to reattach the dome connection. Every time, within 2-3 days, the knots and back pain are back!

I eventually learned how to test for the Earthing effect as I became more interested in this natural remedy. It was a scary moment when I learned about the AC voltage within our NZ walls.
Using a multimeter, I did the tests; right by the head of our bed, we receive between 6-13 volts of power 'leaking' out from the power wires within. Our poor heads were getting the voltage going into them all night long. When connected to Earth via our Earthing Underlay, the voltage drops to a reading of 0.2 volts.

The Earthing bed sheet with silver fibre started to lose its conductivity after about 12 months. I discovered this was 'normal' and that replacement was on the cards, which seemed like a waste.

I spent much time doing the Mahi into what was better than this. This journey leads me to find all the great products we stock today. Products that bring the Earth inside our insulated homes and are easy to use.

Earthing each day is very important to me and, unfortunately, necessary. In our modern world, we are subject to many, mostly unavoidable situations that go against good health and well-being.

We now use the Large Earthing Underlay with the Earthing pillow cover. I use the Earthing pillow cover when I work night shifts (yes, we get to rest/sleep at the station).

As I write this blog, I am connected via the large Earthing desk mat in my home office. I also share the Earthing desk mat at my work office with four others.

My Fellow Firefighters can be a sceptical group. When I explain what Earthing is, how it works and what the benefits are, for the most part, they understand. A few have tried the Earthing Underlay and are loving it.

I use the Earthing Yoga mat primarily for meditation during the winter months. I use the Earthing patches for particular areas I want to focus on.

We started using these Earthing products out of interest, and now we wouldn't live without them. I love getting outside daily, but the Earthing, while I sleep, is the best.

The Grounded Kiwi vision is to help as many people as possible by educating them on the benefits of Earthing and bringing these everyday products to New Zealand in an accessible and affordable way.

I hope you enjoy our Earthing as much as we do.

Thank you for reading; feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Happy Earthing, 


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