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Travel Safe pack - Comprehensive

Travel Safe pack - Comprehensive

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Travel Safe Pack - Comprehensive: Ground and protect yourself on the go

The Travel Safe Pack is an ideal way to continue Earthing, protect yourself from EMF and your security when away from home with easy-to-pack and carry products. I

This comprehensive pack includes:

  • An Earthing Pillow Cover that you can use in your hotel room, Airbnb.
  • An Earthing Car seat pad for use in the car or even on a plane. 
  • Shungite 'Tree of Life' pendant for EMF protection
  • RFID blocking waist belt for security
Earthing Pillow Cover

Revolutionize your sleep with the Earthing Pillow Cover!

  • Get a deeper, more restful sleep
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energized
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood and overall well-being

How it works:

The Earthing Pillow Cover connects you to the Earth's natural healing electrons, even while you sleep. This can help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.


  • Soft, conductive carbon leatherette material
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Compatible with most standard pillow sizes
  • Easy to use and care for


  • Earthing plug and cord 

For Travel outside of NZ / AUS you will need to consider purchasing the appropriate Earthing plug and Socket tester - We have these in stock, please visit our accessories page. 

Earthing Auto Seat Mat

  • Reduces static electricity and EMFs in airplanes and cars
  • Can help prevent car/motion sickness
  • Reduces electrical stress on the body
  • Can be used at a desk with a straight cord

How to use:

  • Connect the alligator clip end to a metal part of your seat frame or the frame of the seat in front of you. 
  • Place your feet on the mat or sit on the mat. You do not need direct skin contact. 
  • To use at a desk, connect the straight cord to the mat and plug it into a grounded wall outlet.


  • Earthing coiled cord and alligator clip. 

Shungite 'Tree of life' pendant - Protection from EMF

Help protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation with our Shungite 'Tree of Life' pendant. Each pendant is made of regular polished Shungite, which has a denser structure and vivid black color. The stone contains 30-50% carbon and is known for its high vibration and energy. 

Size: 30x30x5 mm
Shungite: Regular, polished
Weight: 11 grams

Cross-Body bag with RFID / Faraday protection - Keep your security while on the go

Size: 28*12*5CM
Nylon (Outer Shell)
Copper nickel fabric (Large signal-blocking pocket)

Colour: Black 

EFFECTIVE, EMF BLOCKING FABRIC: The EMF Blocking cross-body bag main pocket interior fabric is comprised of copper, nickel silver, offering the highest possible protection from electromagnetic field exposure emitted by mobile phones, reducing the reduction of exposure to EMF by more than 99%.


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