Collection: EMF Protective Headwear - Reduce your exposure and control your environment

Protect your brain from harmful EMFs with our stylish EMF protective headwear. Our innovative line offers an effective way to shield your brain from harmful electromagnetic fields, enabling you to enjoy technology without compromising your health. Choose from caps, beanies, and bucket hats made from specially engineered fabrics that block a significant portion of EMFs, providing a discreet layer of protection for your head and scalp.

Earthing Mat / Grounding Mat NZ

Our most popular product, the Earthing Mat, enhances sleep by grounding you directly to the Earth. If you are looking to improve your sleeping, look no further!

Our Earthing Mat NZ is the most popular grounding mat by far. Over 90% of people find they are sleeping well after just a couple of nights of being connected to the Earth. These Earthing mats are the never version of the Earthing sheet. The mat has a 100% conductive surface, as opposed to Earthing sheets that are only 5% conductive.

Are you seeking help with aches and pains or, chronic pain or reducing inflammation in the body? Check out what our customers are saying about their experience here.

Grab the package deal and SAVE $79. The package includes one large Earthing mat and Grounding pillow covers.