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Earthing Pillow Cover - Cotton with Silver Fiber grid

Earthing Pillow Cover - Cotton with Silver Fiber grid

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Cotton Earthing Pillow cover

Cotton + 5% silver fiber

Queen size 50 X 75cm

Colour: Grey

If you prefer your Earthing cover made from cotton, this pillow cover is for you. With a silver fibre grid woven into the cotton, this pillow cover does an excellent job of Earthing you all night long.

Using an Earthing pillow cover will revolutionize your sleep! and your well-being of getting a good night's sleep.

Premium cotton feels very soft, and contact with the skin can protect the skin very well. Silver threads have conductive properties, inhibiting bacterial growth on the bed.

Silver fibre earthing pillows are not as long-lasting as our Premium Earthing Pillow covers. From experience using these, we know they start to lose conductivity after 12-18 months and will need replacing as the silver fibre starts to break down.

Care instructions;

Wash weekly in a washing machine with warm water. 

Dry in a dryer on low or line dry 

Use a liquid laundry detergent

No bleaching, No softeners, No whitening detergents, oxi-detergents, OR detergents with oils like lavender or coconut oil 

Don't use dryer sheet fabric softeners.

The Earthing pillow cover can help to Improve Sleep, Energy, reduce snoring, reduce depression/anxiety and help you wake up ready to tackle the day ahead. 

Having direct grounding contact around your neck/head areas can also help relieve tension and stress build-up. Deliver Earth's healing-free power directly into these most critical areas. 


1X 75*50cm Conductive pillowcase

To connect the pillow cover to Earth, each comes with your choice of the Earthing Plug or Earthing rod. 

GROUNDING BENEFITS: The benefits of grounding have been proven by research, including better sleep quality, improved microcirculation, accelerated wound healing, eliminating of inflammation, reduced fatigue and muscle soreness, alleviating menstrual symptoms, and enhanced sub-health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I purchased a pillow case about 10 days ago and have had great success. I suffer from insomnia, often only getting between 4 to 5 hours a night.. Although I still wake during the night, the periods of sleep are deeper. When I do wake, I find it easier to dose back off to sleep when I couldn't before... Awesome

Improved Sleep

We have several Grounded Kiwi products, and I would highly recommend them! We started with the wrist/ankle band that my husband brought home. I was sceptical but curious as I struggled with sleep. I put it on, felt nothing when I went to bed, and then had the craziest, deepest night of sleep I've ever experienced in my memory! 6am the next morning, I ordered the mattress underlay and pillowcase. I am obsessed now and even bring my mattress underlay with me when travelling! I won't lie, I still have some nights where I struggle with sleep when I'm stressed, but all in all, my sleep is significantly improved!