The Ultimate Shungite: Rare One-Piece Nugget - Taranaki (New Zealand) - air travelcarchunk
The Ultimate Shungite: Rare One-Piece Nugget - Taranaki (New Zealand) - air travelcarchunk

The Ultimate Shungite: Rare One-Piece Nugget - Taranaki (New Zealand)


Choose Your very own piece of Elite Shungite.

Discover the power of elite Shungite with our unique collection of one-of-a-kind nuggets, each named after powerful mountains. But don't worry, the name is temporary and you can choose your very own piece. These larger nuggets are much more rare.

Let me introduce you to;  Taranaki

Weighing in at 35.17grams 

Size: Approx. 50mm L X 34mm W x 25mm tall

This picture contains the exact piece you are buying.

It can be a cool test to pass these nuggets to a young child without telling them what it is as kids are still open to the energy vibrations where most adults have lost this ability. 

My boy Ollie's response "I can feel tingling like power going up my neck"

Adults can with time and clearing the mind can start to feel the energy again, that's if you cant feel it straight away.

Great to add a Shungite nugget to your meditation practice. Change hands with it and see if you can sense the change in energy flow. 

I have a nugget next to me as I work in the office and often take it with me for long car rides and to my meditation spot. 

Speaking of air travel, we suggest bringing a Shungite nugget with you as a must-have protection against EMFs while in the air. And don't forget to ground yourself once you've landed by kicking off your shoes and connecting with the earth.

Elite Shungite,  is the rarest, making up only 1% of all Shungite deposits. Elite Shungite is said to have the highest concentration of fullerenes, making it the most sought-after type for its potential health benefits. Made up of 98% Carbon, it is one of the highest carbonised materials on Earth. 

Choose your own piece of elite Shungite today and start experiencing its powerful benefits.

Authentic Shungite has a high carbon content, so it may leave black stains or have small spots of rust, this is a sign of genuine Shungite. We recommend carefully cleansing your Shungite items under tap water.


Harness The Powerful Properties Of Shungite

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found in certain regions of Russia, notably in the Karelia area. Shungite has gained popularity for its purported ability to purify and energise water.

Water Purification

EMF Protection

Increased Vitality


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