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EMF / Radiation Protection Gloves - FULL SILVER

EMF / Radiation Protection Gloves - FULL SILVER

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Full Silver Fiber Fabric Anti-Radiation Gloves

Radiation Proof

Available in two sizes - Medium and Large (Happy to swap sizes if they don't fit you)
Material: 100% Silver Fiber Fabric

Prevent Electromagnetic Radiation and Dirty Electricity from flowing into your conductive body with these EMF Gloves. Text safely on your phone and tablet or type on your computer with EMF protection.

Spend a lot of time working on a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
Wearing these gloves will go a long way to help prevent stiffness & numbness, which can occur in the fingers and arms from prolonged exposure to EMF from these devices.
We also recommend the Earthing desk may be used in combination with these anti-radiation gloves.

Large size: I am a85cm tall, 82kg male, and the large are just a bit too small for me.
These gloves have a TENS connection point for treatment options.

Hand wash / Gentle cycle
Water under 30 degrees Celsius
Do not bleach
Hang dry only in the shade
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Use Clean Water

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