Full Silver EMF/Radiation Protection Gloves - antianti radiationcomputer
Full Silver EMF/Radiation Protection Gloves - antianti radiationcomputer
Full Silver EMF/Radiation Protection Gloves - antianti radiationcomputer
Full Silver EMF/Radiation Protection Gloves - antianti radiationcomputer

Full Silver EMF/Radiation Protection Gloves


Full Silver Fiber Fabric Anti-Radiation Gloves for EMF Protection

Size: Available in Medium and Large (exchangeable if needed)

Material: 100% Silver Fiber Fabric

Protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation and dirty electricity with these full silver EMF gloves. These gloves block harmful electromagnetic waves while allowing you to use your phone, tablet, and computer safely.

Symptoms of EMF exposure in fingers and hands can vary from person to person and may depend on the intensity and duration of exposure. Some people may not experience any symptoms, while others may experience:

  1. Numbness or tingling sensation in fingers and hands
  2. Muscle weakness or cramping in the hands
  3. Pain or discomfort in the fingers or hand
  4. Reduced sensitivity to touch or temperature changes
  5. Swelling or redness in the fingers or hand
  6. Difficulty in gripping or holding objects
  7. Changes in skin texture or color
  8. Poor circulation in the fingers or hand.

It is important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by other factors, and it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional if you experience any persistent or concerning symptoms.

 If you spend a lot of time working on a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, wearing these gloves can help prevent stiffness and numbness in your fingers and arms from prolonged exposure to EMF. For maximum benefits, we also recommend using an Earthing desk in combination with these anti-radiation gloves.

Large size: I am a85cm tall, 82kg male, and the large are just a bit too small for me.
These gloves have a TENS connection point for treatment options.

Hand wash / Gentle cycle
Water under 30 degrees Celsius
Do not bleach
Hang dry only in the shade
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Use Clean Water


Safeguard Against EMF

Shield Yourself From EMF Radiation with our Cutting-Edge Protective Clothing and Accessories. Our Customers Report The Following Benefits:

Improved Sleep

Reduced Health Risks

Increased Vitality

Enhanced Focus

Elevate your family's health with our comprehensive range of EMF protection products.

With the increasing presence of wireless technology and electronic devices, understanding "what is EMF" has never been more crucial. EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible radiation emitted by electronic devices and wireless networks, potentially affecting our health over time.

Our EMF protection products provide an effective shield against EMF radiation. From wearable items to home and office solutions, our EMF protection line is designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Not only do these products block harmful EMFs, but some also feature integrated RFID protection to secure your digital information from unauthorized scans.

Invest in our EMF protection solutions and create a healthier, safer environment for you and your family in an increasingly digital world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Comfortable although not long enough for my beautiful long fingers

I think I bought the Large size and if I didn't then I should have. I use my laptop a lot every day, and I can feel the difference when I wear these gloves. I sometimes experience tingling in my right hand around the mouse pad area (R-side) of my laptop but not when I wear these gloves. I have sensitive skin and I can wear these gloves while using my laptop without any issues. They are comfortable to wear for a long time, even if the finger bits are too short for my beautiful long fingers.

I find it horrible feeling this 'fatigue' in the fingers if I had spent alot of time on electronics with my hands. These gloves do help alot. Thanks for the review - Blake