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Blackout eye mask - Sleep mask - Full light block out + Memory foam Ear plugs

Blackout eye mask - Sleep mask - Full light block out + Memory foam Ear plugs

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Transform your sleep experience with the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask, engineered for unparalleled darkness and supreme comfort.

Designed with advanced features, this sleep mask is perfect for those who struggle with sleep due to light intrusion, whether at home, during travel, or during daylight naps.

Key Features:

100% Blackout

Tthe Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask guarantees complete darkness. Whether you are a shift worker needing to sleep during the day, a frequent traveller facing different time zones, or someone in need of a more restful night, this mask ensures no light disrupts your sleep.

Low Profile & Contoured Design

The sleep mask is specifically designed with low profile eye cavities and a contoured shape, making it ideal for side sleepers. These unique design elements ensure that the mask conforms to the natural contours of your face. By eliminating any pressure on your eyes and eyelashes, it prevents discomfort and allows for natural movement during REM sleep, which is crucial for restorative sleep.

Adjustable Strap

Understanding that comfort varies for everyone, the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask comes with an adjustable strap. This strap ensures a snug but comfortable fit, accommodating different head sizes and sleeping positions—whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. The strap’s adjustability means you won't have to worry about the mask slipping off during the night.

Lightweight & Breathable

The mask is constructed from a blend of polyester, memory foam, and ice silk, providing a soft, lightweight, and breathable material that feels gentle on your skin. This blend ensures you won't feel overheated or uncomfortable, even in warmer environments, making it ideal for use both at home and on the go.

Memory Foam Ear Plugs Included

To further enhance your sleep environment, the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask comes with premium memory foam earplugs. These earplugs effectively reduce ambient noise, contributing to a serene and uninterrupted sleep experience. Perfect for environments with background noise like airplanes, busy hotels, or noisy neighbourhoods.

Convenience for Travel

The compact and lightweight design of the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask makes it highly portable. Its sleek, low-profile shape doesn’t add bulk to your face or luggage, making it easy to carry around—whether you're heading on a business trip or a long-haul flight.


  • Material: Polyester + memory foam + ice silk
  • Full Wrap-Around Length: 68 cm
  • Color: Classic black to suit any style
  • Included Accessories: Memory foam ear plugs

Achieving better sleep is essential for overall health and well-being, and the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask is your perfect companion on this journey. Its thoughtful design and high-quality materials provide a blissful sleep experience, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Don’t settle for compromised sleep—experience the optimal balance of comfort and functionality with the Grounded Kiwi Sleep Mask.

While this blackout eye mask doesn't offer the Earthing and EMF protection effect of most Grounded Kiwi products, it will help you get better sleep. Especially if you are needing to sleep during daylight hours or travel. Grounded Kiwi always aims to help people achieve better sleep as we know how important this is for us and how so many people struggle with getting enough of it. 


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