Defying the EMF Invasion: Safeguarding Your Health and Loved Ones

In our modern lifestyle, safeguarding against the constant and ever-increasing influence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is crucial for our health and well-being. 

Congratz on reading this BLOG, you are likely already ahead of 90% of people by being aware or at least finding out more about how much EMF there is in the world and how this might be affecting our lives and the lives of those we care about. 

Suppose you have a young family, as I do. In that case, I believe it's essential to stay in control of our exposure and, in small doses, try to let those we care about know about the dangers. 

EMFs are emitted by various electronic devices and have been linked to a wide range of health issues, from minor discomforts to more severe conditions. However, by taking proactive steps and incorporating effective EMF protection products into our daily routines, we can reduce these risks and create a healthier environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

Step 1: Reduce Exposure

The first step in EMF protection is to minimize exposure. This involves identifying and addressing EMF hotspots in our surroundings, such as WiFi routers, smart meters, solar inverters, cordless phones, smart TVs and portable electronic devices. Simple lifestyle changes, like turning off WiFi routers at night, can make a huge difference. Additionally, evaluating the placement of electronic devices in our homes and bedrooms can help reduce exposure while sleeping. Getting quality sleep is vital for health and well-being, so taking the time to set up the home to support restful sleep is a great first step. 

Step 2: Embrace EMF Protection Products

While reducing exposure is essential, completely eliminating EMFs is often not possible, and I believe that if you try to go down that path, it could end up being detrimental to your mental well-being. This is where EMF protection products can come in handy. From natural minerals like Shungite to anti-radiation bags, WiFi router covers and AirTube headsets, various options are available to suit different needs. All are available on Grounded Kiwi. If there is something you need a solution for and you can't find what you need from our store, please let us know. 

Step 3: Explore Earthing

Earthing, or grounding, is another effective strategy for mitigating the effects of EMFs. Connecting with the Earth's natural energy can neutralize harmful EMF frequencies and improve overall well-being. It's like having a forcefield around you! So sleeping connected to the Earth could make you like Superman!! hehe. Simple practices like walking barefoot outdoors or using indoor Earthing products can offer significant benefits for free. Check out everyone’s favourite Earthing mat here:

Step 4: Use Wired Connections

Switching from wireless to wired connections can help reduce EMF exposure in our homes. Using ethernet cables for computers and wired peripherals and prioritizing wired options for other devices can lower overall EMF levels. I know this isn't always practical as an afterthought when you take into account how your home is designed. If this is the case for you and hardwired is not an option, switch off the WIFI at night or at least don't spend a lot of time close to the box. 

Step 5: Utilize Shungite for Protection

Shungite, a natural mineral with unique EMF-shielding properties, provides another layer of protection against EMFs. It can neutralize harmful frequencies by turning harmful vibrations into biocompatible vibrations that are less harmful to your body's cellular vibrations. Place them near electronic devices or wear them as jewellery. Grounded Kiwi offers a range of Shungite products for this purpose.

Step 6: Consider Anti-Radiation Bags, otherwise known as Faraday bags

Anti-radiation bags offer protection against EMFs emitted by mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. These bags use certified radiation shielding materials to deflect and absorb radiation, providing effective protection. We have a range of these on Grounded Kiwi. Some are designed with 1 layer of RFID-blocking fabric to reduce the radio frequency coming off the phone into you by over 99%. Some of our more costly bags have multiple layers of RFID fabric which can block all frequency, tracking, phone calls etc. 

Step 7: Opt for AirTube Headsets

AirTube headsets offer a safer alternative to traditional wired or Bluetooth earphones by reducing EMF exposure. These headsets use a hollow air tube to transmit sound, minimizing radiation exposure to the head. A very good idea if you are going to be spending considerable time with these in. Protect your brain!

By taking proactive steps to minimize exposure and incorporating effective protection products into our lives, we can prioritize our health and well-being in today's digital world. Let's create safer environments for ourselves and our families.

Stay happy, stay safe,


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