Shungite SECONDS 'Tree of Life' Pendant - 'Pyrite imperfections -
Shungite SECONDS 'Tree of Life' Pendant - 'Pyrite imperfections -

Shungite SECONDS 'Tree of Life' Pendant - Pyrite imperfections

Important note: These 'SECONDS' pendants are just as protective as all Shungite but have Pyrite streaks which is normally found lying with Shungite in nature. 
Shungite 'Tree of life' YING/YANG pendant

Size: 36x36x5 mm

Shungite: Regular, polished

Weight: 11 grams

Our Shungite items are sourced directly from the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, guaranteeing authenticity with certification from our supplier.


In Norse mythology Tree of life (Yggdrasil) is an eternal green ash tree that connects all nine worlds and is the centre of life and the spiritual cosmos.

One of its roots lies in Asgard, the home of gods, while the other is in Hel, the underworld of Norse mythology. The third root is in Midgard, the realm of mortal men. This way, Yggdrasil connects worlds of mortal, divine and dead. As Yggdrasil is the centre of the spiritual universe, the well-being of the world depends on the well-being of Yggdrasil, and its trembling is the harbinger of Ragnarok, which is the destruction of the universe.

That is why the universe needs to keep itself in balance. This way, Yggdrasil symbolizes life and the flow of energy between physical and spiritual worlds as it grounds and stabilizes balance between them. It can provide a greater connection to the Earth and the cosmos.

Please note that due to the detailing of the design in natural stone, each pendant can have infusions of golden-coloured pyrite. It means that in the place where the stone was found, there were streaks of pyrite in the same layer.  Pyrite streaks do not compromise the quality of Shungite and its properties. Please, be aware when choosing Shungite engraved items. 

Shungite in the car
We spend a lot of time moving around in cars when driving, you are entirely cut off from the telluric emanations of nature. It's proven that by just sitting in a vehicle, our vital energy field decreases by 15% instantly. When you add in your mobile phone, your passenger's mobile phone, the GPS signal, which are constantly searching and switching between cellphone towers and satellites operating on high power mode to stay connected! The car is acting like a Faraday cage and bouncing these signals around you.

How do you feel after a long drive? Exhausted right? You need to get in contact with Earth pronto! Comes back to your roots, your presence, to your attention. Shungite will help you stay protected. Earthing will recharge the body.

Simple - Once you arrive after a long flight, you must reconnect with the Earth. Having a Shungite pendant or some Elite shungite in your pocket on you as you travel in a plane will help for protection against the energetic disturbances caused by pressurisation.


Shungite necklaces and pendants are one of the most effective protective tools against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. Moreover, they are proven to help with throat and breathing problems. Wearing shungite stone necklaces and pendants daily can relieve neck and head pain. These stylish accessories will also provide positive energy that will contribute to your well-being.

Please be advised that shungite items may have infusions of golden-coloured pyrite. It means that in the place where the stone was found, there were streaks of pyrite in the same layer. Typically these infusions are not so noticeable on polished shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved shungite pendants due to specific features of the manufacturing process. Pyrite streaks do not compromise the quality of shungite and its properties and look like slight hints. Please, be aware of their choosing shungite engraved items. 

Regular Shungite. It contains 30-50% of carbon. It has a denser structure and vivid black. It can be effortlessly polished and shaped. For this reason, the stone is widely used for making pyramids, spheres, harmonizers, and other shaped products.


Harness The Powerful Properties Of Shungite

Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found in certain regions of Russia, notably in the Karelia area. Shungite has gained popularity for its purported ability to purify and energise water.

Water Purification

EMF Protection

Increased Vitality


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It fell off

I have worn it every day since I got it but I guess it has absorbed all that it can because today it fell off somewhere and I have no idea where it is. Retraced steps but it's just gone.

Oh no! Thats no good. Please get in touch and we will see if we can help out :)