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EHM VITA 7 Replacement Filter

EHM VITA 7 Replacement Filter

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EHM Vita Replacement filter

Lifespan - 3000L or six about months.

Internal filters for water ionizer EHM-7

1. Made of high-quality activated carbon.

2. Has a developed pore structure, good adsorption and high mechanical strength.

3. No release of carbon fines.

4. Low-pressure drop. Excellent flow rates, high dirt holding capacity and long service life.

5. High chemical resistance.

6. Can be used to purify Industrial and domestic water.

7. Effectively remove the bad taste, odors, organic matter in water, residual chlorine and other radioactive substance.

8. Recyclable BPA-free filter shell material.

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Customer Reviews

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Brent Cottle
EHM Vita 7 efficient and economical.

Great little water machine and a very obliging distributor. Satisfaction for our health and looking ahead.

Cheers Brent, these units are great! Thank you very much for taking the effort to review. Much appreciated. - Blake