Earthing Silver Socks for Grounding and Antibacterial Support - GroundedKiwi.nzclothing accessories clothing accessoriesearthing socksfootfootwear
Earthing Silver Socks for Grounding and Antibacterial Support - GroundedKiwi.nzclothing accessories clothing accessoriesearthing socksfootfootwear

Earthing Silver Socks for Grounding and Antibacterial Support

One Pair of Unisex highly conductive, antibacterial silver fiber socks for Grounding / Earthing


Size: Suitable for EU39-44 US7-10 UK6-8.5

Looking for a way to enhance your grounding and antibacterial protection during yoga, meditation, home or at work?

Look no further than our highly conductive Earthing Silver Fiber Socks! These unisex socks are designed with a high silver composition of 40%, ensuring exceptional conductivity and durability.

Not only are these socks great for grounding when used with our Earthing Yoga/Meditation mat or universal desk mats and footrests, but they also provide antimicrobial and anti-static properties. The silver fiber in the socks is highly effective at resisting radiation and maintaining a 99% antibacterial rate even after washing more than 50 times.

Made of 52% cotton, 8% spandex, and 40% silver fiber, making them highly breathable and comfortable to wear. Plus, the high silver content means they reflect external electromagnetic frequencies while still reflecting heat from the body, making them warm and cozy in cold conditions.

Suitable for EU39-44 US7-10 UK6-8.5, these socks are a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their grounding experience and promote foot health. Transform any shoe into a grounding shoe or wear them on a grounded surface to feel the benefits of Earthing. Upgrade your sock game with our Earthing Silver Fiber Socks today!

HIGH SILVER Composition

52% cotton 40% silver fiber 8% spandex

Colour: Black

Washing more than 50 times still maintains a 99% antibacterial rate.

Premium quality conductive socks with more than double the amount of silver content found in most Earthing socks. This means they are highly conductive, with strong antibacterial properties.

They will ground your body while keeping your feet warm when:

Silver has the highest reflectivity rating of any metal element, which means it reflects external electromagnetic frequencies, but also reflects heat from the body (infrared radiation) back towards the skin. This means the socks feel warm in cold conditions while still being lightweight and ultra-comfortable to wear.


  Wash in a washing machine with warm water (40°C )

  Use a liquid laundry detergent

  Line dry or dry in a dryer on low (up to 65°C )

  Can be ironed on a low heat if desired


  Don't wash with bleach

  Don't wash with fabric softeners

  Don't use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents

  Don't use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)

  Don't use dryer sheet fabric softeners

  Don't dry clean


Get Grounded You In The Comfort of Your Home

Our Earthing products connect you to the ground outside so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of earthing from indoors. Our customers have reported the following:

Improved Sleep

Reduced Pain

Increased Energy

Reduced Stress

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Earthing Silver Socks

Love these socks, even though the material is thin looking, when I put them on I was immediately surprised by how warm, snug and fitting they were..Will definitely be buying more for myself and for my 83yr old mum in the near future..

Thanks for the good review, Sandra. Glad to hear you are enjoying having them on :)
Happy Earthing - Blake

Ruth Beames
Happy feet

I love my new earthing socks to go with the earthing shoe straps Im also using. I seem to have more energy when out walking. I looked past the fact that Ive had multiple surgries on my left ankle & they leave an indent around my ankles but totally worth the money on both socks/straps.

Awesome, thank you very much for the review Ruth. Enjoy your walks connected to the Earth :)

Will purchase more

Very prompt delivery, and super pleased with the product. Will definitely be back to purchase more items. Highly recommend it all.