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Earthing Band Large - Experience the Benefits of Earthing with Our conductive wearable band

Earthing Band Large - Experience the Benefits of Earthing with Our conductive wearable band

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Large Earthing Band - Adjustable - 60mm X 650mm 
One size fits most

Includes Earthing plug & cord.

We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the Earth. 

Embrace the grounding forces of the Earth with our Adjustable Earthing Band, a must-have for those seeking to integrate the benefits of grounding into their everyday life. This versatile band, with dimensions of 60mm by 325mm and an adaptable diameter up to 240mm, is designed to fit comfortably and snugly on most individuals, ensuring ease of use for all.

Your purchase includes not only the Adjustable Earthing Band but also an Earthing plug and cord for a straightforward connection to the Earth's restorative energies. For an impeccable grounding experience, we recommend complementing your order with a Socket tester, confirming the proper Earthing of your power outlets.

Infused with cutting-edge conductive silver fibers on the inner surface, our Earthing Band is tailored to blend effortlessly with your life's rhythm. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle to stay grounded during work, leisure, or movement-centric activities.

Connect with the Earth's natural balance and nurture your well-being with our Adjustable Earthing Band


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Customer Reviews

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Madhana Gopal

Def will recommend! I slept like a baby after years!
Mood has been getting better everyday.
Inflammation is definitely coming down.
What grounded kiwi is doing is community service!
Good Karma will always follow!

Thank you so much Madhana for your awesome review of our service to the community and our products :)
Much appreciated! - Blake