Transform Your Life: Natural Pain Relief Through Grounding

Adding grounding to your life is a cheap, simple, easy, and completely natural way to help manage pain by reconnecting with the Earth's energy. Imagine feeling relief from chronic pain and enhancing your well-being just by this connection. So many people these days are living in pain for years because they believe it's 'just how it is'. In this blog, we'll explore how grounding can reduce pain, improve sleep, and boost vitality, transforming your quality of life as it has done for many Kiwis already. 

You can check out our reviews here. Unlike most websites, we are honest and upfront. We show ALL of our reviews, not just the best ones. We want you to make an informed decision to give Earthing a go. We firmly believe that everyone can and should live with this connection to the Earth as a pillar of good health. 

Benefits of Natural Grounding Methods for Pain Relief

The Healing Power of the Earth

Earthing, otherwise known as grounding, involves direct contact with the Earth's surface to absorb its natural energy, promoting pain management and overall wellness.

How Earthing Alleviates Pain

  1. Reduces Inflammation: Grounding helps lower inflammation, a major cause of chronic pain as well as many illnesses present in our modern lives.
  2. Balances Energy Levels: Connecting with the Earth balances bodily energy, reducing pain sensitivity. The feedback we get regularly is that people are waking up in the morning with more energy. Especially when using the Earthing mat.
  3. Improves Sleep: Many find better sleep and less pain by grounding while they are in bed. For some, better sleep comes from night one; for others, it can take a few weeks for the body to rebalance. 

Scientific Evidence for Grounding

Research supports grounding for pain relief. A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed significant pain reduction among grounding mat users compared to a control group, highlighting the method's effectiveness.

For more insights, check out this article by The Chopra Center.

Practical Grounding Strategies

Using Earthing Mats

Grounding mats bring Earthing indoors. Sleep on the Grounded Kiwi Earthing mat; use a floor mat under your desk or during meditation to maintain a constant connection to the Earth's energy.

Outdoor Grounding Practices

  • Walk Barefoot: Step on grass or sand for direct Earth contact. Moist grass on wet sand is my favourite! 
  • Garden: Gardening can ground you and provide a therapeutic activity. 

Grounding Meditations

Guided meditations focused on grounding can help centre your mind, reduce stress, and alleviate pain. 

Tips for Pain Management with Grounding

  1. Stay Consistent: Make grounding a regular part of your routine. This is where the Earthing mat comes in. Sleeping connected to the Earth provides 8+ hours of grounding every single night. If you travel a lot, take an Earthing pillow cover with you. 
  2. Combine Methods: Integrate grounding with mindfulness, yoga, or acupuncture. Adding 'extras' Earthing during the day can help, especially if you are living in chronic pain. 
  3. Monitor Progress: Keep a journal to track pain and sleep pattern changes. If you are on medication, discussing with your doctor before adding earthing is always important. In some cases, the amount of medication can be reduced or eliminated altogether under your doctor's guidance. 

Holistic Approach to Well-being

Merge mindfulness with grounding to alleviate stress and pain. Addressing both physical and emotional aspects of pain enhances overall relief.

Enhance your life with Grounded Kiwi's indoor earthing products, which help you stay connected to the Earth's energy effortlessly.


  1. Who Benefits? Anyone looking for natural pain relief and better well-being. 
  2. How Soon to See the Results? It varies—some feel relief quickly, others over time.
  3. Side Effects? Generally safe; some may feel mild tingling initially as the body adjusts. 
  4. Combine with Therapies? Yes, grounding complements other therapies like yoga, meditation and is a great addition when being massaged. 
  5. Busy Life Integration? Walk barefoot, use grounding mats, or meditate briefly to fit grounding into your day.

Don't forget to check out all our amazing feedback. If you are living in pain, you owe it to yourself to give Earthing a chance to make life improving changes to your health and well-being. 

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