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SMALL Earthing THROW PAD - 50X70cm for sofa, chair, floor

SMALL Earthing THROW PAD - 50X70cm for sofa, chair, floor

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Choose your method of connecting to Earth
Small Earthing throw 50cm by 70cm.

To connect to Earth, each throw pad is supplied with your choice of either an Earthing plug or Earthing rod. 

Earthing plug option uses your regular 3pin house power socket to connect to Earth via your homes/building Earth rod. 
We recommend adding a Socket tester to your order to ensure that your power socket is correctly connected to the earth. 

The earthing rod option is a 30cm steel rod inserted into the ground & includes a 12m cord that easily passes through most windows, allowing them to be fully shut.
Both options also come with a 5m product connection cord.

Our Earthing throw is made from the conductive material of 95% cotton with a 5% silver grid woven in.

This throw can be used in many ways to keep you grounded always.
Its best with direct skin
It can be used with socks. Your feet naturally sweat, which helps with conductivity through socks onto the mat.

* Under desk as a floor mat
* Under keyboard
* On any seat - Office chair/couch etc
* Meditation mat
* Yoga - for grounded yoga

What does Earthing / Grounding do?
* Reduces and can eliminate inflammation - the route cause of so many diseases and illnesses.

* Reduces or eliminates chronic pain

* Improves Sleep in most cases

* Increases energy

* Lowers stress and promotes calmness

* Normalizes the body's biological rhythms

* Thins blood and improves blood flow

* Relieves muscle tension and headaches

* Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms

* Dramatically speeds healing

* Reduces or eliminates jet lag

* Protects the body against health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMF's)

* Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

1 X 50*70cm Conductive throw pad +5m product cord
& Your choice,
Earthing plug -
Earthing rod - plus 12m Earthing cord

Having your feet on this sheet is like walking barefoot on the earth. You will be grounded and reap all the benefits as you sleep.

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